Friday, November 22, 2013


Hey Mom (and everyone else), my first few days in the MTC have been great, long but great. I love my district and my companion and everything seems to be going well even though I miss you all. Its crazy but my district has 7 elders going to the Mexico Mexico City West Mission also! My companion is very cool and is going to play Defensive End at the University of Utah after his mission. 
Some cool things that have happened in the MTC are still to come. For example, this Thanksgiving will be awesome because Elder Russell Nelson of the quorum of the 12 is coming to speak to us. We also will have a big feast here in the MTC and then we will participate in a Humanitarian project. Also one thing I forgot to mention because we are Spanish speaking missionaries in the Provo MTC we have our own separate campus at Wyview for all the Spanish Missionaries. 
I love our Branch and my District President as well as his companions and their wives they are like my Parents away from home. Our Zone motto is so awesome! We say, "Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles" 
I miss home and still not a huge fan of the MTC but I feel a lot more at peace this time around and even when I'm feeling down I know that this is where I need to be. I am excited to go out to Mexico already but I know I need to prepare before I leave. 
Just some information: I have P day every Friday where I have a chance to email for an hour. We go to the temple every morning and today we did sealing's which was an awesome experience! After the temple as a zone we go onto the main campus where we will print out all of the emails we have received over the week to read during personal time (this way our reading emails doesn't interrupt our actual emailing time). After personal time my companion and I will eat lunch and then come email for about an hour. 
The majority of this time my be spent emailing my family and friends who are on missions so if you would like to contact me, please write me a letter, that will be the best way to keep in touch as the time I have on the computer to email is very brief. 
As for basketball.  We don't play actual basketball but we play knock out with about 30 missionaries. Yesterday I won 4 games in a row and when someone finally got me out in the 5th game everyone cheered.... haha I guess I would too if I were them. 
My mom had a few questions for me that I will post and answer now: 
-Where are you staying? Raintree?
I am staying in Wyview and I don't know where Raintree is.
-Do you have Brother Garrett as a teacher?
My Teacher is Hermano Day not Hermano Garrett sadly.
-Is the Hamilton boy in your district?
Because Duncan is going to MEX City South and the majority of my district is going to the west mission Duncan is not in my district but I do see him on campus quite a bit and almost all the Spanish speakers in the MTC about twice a day.
-Dirt on your companion? Is he cool?
My Companion is really cool, He is a big football guy and is going to play at the U of U after his mission. My whole district is so awesome though and I would love to be companions with anyone in the district.
-Are you happy?
That is kind of a hard question, I am not the biggest fan of the MTC but it's a necessary evil. Things are much better because I get along with my companion as well as my district. Although it's a lot of hard work we find ways and time to have fun which is nice to relieve the stress and home sickness. 
-Do you need anything?
My van's and an alarm clock are the only two things I have forgot so far but I'm sure I will have a much bigger list for you next week ;)

Well i know it has only been a few days so I doubt has much change has come upon you and the family as it has upon me but please let me know what's going on and if there is anything new. I miss you guys a lot and I look forward to Friday every week now!! Everyone stay safe and remember my Zone scripture, "Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not!" D&C 6:36. President Tyler believes that this scripture is the key to all happiness in our lives and I completely agree! Have a great week everyone and I look forward to emailing you all again on Friday. 

Hasta Luego! 
Elder Adams
Taylor and his companion.

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