Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Crazy Week (4/27/15)

April 27, 2015
Well sorry for not writing last week, my companion and I took a P-day with Elder Adams and Elder McCubbins (the APs) and went all over the place shopping and hanging out. My companion and I were in the internet cafe when they called us and told us they were here so we left thinking we would write later on in the day but never got the chance to write. Just a quick update from last week, the only big thing that happened was that we baptized Maribel (and she got confirmed yesterday). She is really awesome and if you don’t remember who she is she is the wife of Eduardo (the family we baptized a few weeks back). Speaking of them we are going to Skype you from their house. I don’t know how great the Internet connection is so hopefully we will be able to do a 3 way Skype (I assume so) but we will see.

We want you guys to get to know the family Olvera Jimenez. They are such an amazing family and I love them so much!! We only have 30 minutes to chat this time but the plan is to introduce you to the family and let you guys talk for about 5-10 minutes so you can get to know them a little and then we will have 30 minutes to talk. I can’t believe it is the last time I’m going to talk with you guys before going home.... I was talking with someone the other day and I said "Yeah, it will be the last time I talk with my family before I go home, so the next time I talk to them will be in person..." This really hit me hard how fast the time is going by. The day I call you guys I will have 18 months in the mission and exactly 6 months before I go home.... Its pretty crazy how fast the time is flying. But anyways enough with my rant, we had planned to call you around 7 Sunday night (the 10th) let me know if there is a problem with that so we can fix it before Mothers day comes. Next week we have concilio so I won’t write you till next Wednesday so we will be able to firm up those plans.

Yesterday we also baptized the Mondragon Valasquez Family. This is another family that we have been working with and another family that we love a lot! They are a great family that has taken care of me the past few days while I’ve been sick. There has been a stomach infection going around and it hit me the other day. I was sick the whole weekend and still feel a little sick. I’ve been throwing up and a bad fever. It hasn’t been fun but I’m finally getting over it. The family helped me and they are a great family. The husband got to know the Elders in Houston while he was there fixing his wife’s papers. He came back and contacted us and we taught and baptized the family. They have plans to move out to Houston as a family this summer assuming that everything goes well with his wife’s papers. 

Lastly, Happy Birthday Josh!!! Hope he has a great day and a great first date ;) haha I cant believe that he is 16 already!!! How time flies by... Well I miss you all and hope you have a great week! Can’t wait to talk to you all on Mothers day!!


Elder Adams

Crazy Week photos (4/27/15)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Change #13 (4/13/15)

April 13, 2015
Well, I’m about to start my 13th change of 17...... It really hit me hard today how fast these 7 months are going to be flying by... My companion and I, Elder Higbee, stayed together here in Lerma, and we are really pumped because we have a lot of success coming up for this change. The ward is finally changing around. The ward here in Lerma is AMAZING but when we got here the bishop has had a grudge on the missionaries since the beginning of time and didn’t want to support the work at all, but my companion and I and the sister training leaders (we share the ward with) won his respect. He is really pumped about the work because we have had 8 weeks in a row with baptismal services. He is so in love with the work that he even released his 1st councilor and called him to be the new ward mission leader because the old one didn’t do ANYTHING!!! 

This week the ward also had 5 confirmations and 3 of those were from Eduardo and his kids! Speaking of Eduardos family, my companion and I overcame all the doubts of his wife’s last night and she is getting baptized this Sunday!!!! :) We love this family so much, Eduardo came to his confirmation on Sunday in a suit, same with his son, and Eduardo also got the priesthood yesterday. We love the family so much that we are going to be calling you guys on Mother’s day from their house. They want to meet you guys and I’m sure you guys will want to meet them for a little bit too. They are so amazing and this for sure is going to be a family that enters into the temple in a year! :)

Well the week was pretty crazy, my companion and I were running around everywhere like chickens with our heads cut off doing interviews, helping people put baptismal dates so on and so forth. Love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Adams

Family Baptism (4/8/15)

April 8, 2015
First off, I love the conference. The conference this year was so amazing and I love hearing the words of our beloved Prophet and apostles. This weekend my companion and I also baptized Eduardo and his family. I love this family with all my heart. They are so funny and so amazing!! Eduardo has an interview with the bishop this Thursday so he can get the Holy Ghost Sunday and get the priesthood the same day. They are preparing to do their ancestry work to go and be baptized for their family members who have passed away. It’s so hard to express my true feelings about this family over email but I love them so much. To me the picture of their baptism will mean so much more to me than to you all but I hope you can understand just a little how much I love this family. 

This week we also had concilio and our last zone conference in the change. I loved concilio this week but it was really sad for me. It is the last week of Elder Jex and I’m so sad to see him go. He was such a good friend and an amazing missionary. I’ll miss him like crazy, but hopefully he will be at college with me after the mission. We also took photos of our zone so you can see all the missionaries in my zone and my district. (Don’t know if I have told you but I’m a zone leader and a district leader). I love my zone and my district and as a zone we are finally turning things around. We have the confidence of the ward and we are working so hard with our zone. 

Lastly, this Sunday was SO stressful. We had 4 baptismal dates fall, so my companion and I did divisions and went to recover the baptism. I went with Elder Farnsworth to help a family of 3 they had who decided at the last minute that they didn’t want to be baptized, they thought they needed to know more and were a little scared about what their catholic family members would think about them. We went and were able to help them overcome their doubts and the family got baptized. We also found another miracle in another area, a recent convert mom who brought her 9-year-old daughter and asked if the Elders would baptize her. It was overall a great week but the best part of the week was the conference and baptizing the Olvera Family. 

Love you all and hope you all have a great week!!


Elder Adams

Family Baptism Photos (4/8/15)