Monday, January 26, 2015

No Idea What to Write (1/26/15)

January 26, 2015
Honestly right now I have no idea what to write, I wrote you guys about 3 days ago and NOTHING has happened between then and now. I am still in a cast waiting for my doctor appointment the 5th of February. According to the doctor I should be getting my cast off that day but I guess we will see what happens. After getting the cast off I will have physical therapy and my President said we will follow whatever the doctor says as far as that goes, so depending on the doctors advice I may spend my time in the offices during physical therapy or in the field. The three options are basically these:
1. Stay in the offices as Financial Secretary during my physical therapy.
2. Go back to Puerta Grande to be zone leader there
3. Go to be a zone leader in another area that doesn’t have so many hills.

So basically I am just playing the waiting game, I will work really hard here in the offices until I get back to the field but I’m not too worried. I know that I will go exactly where the Lord wants me to be and in his own time. I won’t rush it and I won’t influence it. I know that Pres. Whitehead get revelation and I will go where the Lord sends me. Well not much to say, I don’t even have a picture between now and the last time I wrote you. We went to Santa Fe to pick up the new suit I bought myself for Christmas ;) and we are going to go play ping pong with some other Elders. Well I love you ton and hope you all have a great week!!


Elder Adams 

Friday, January 23, 2015

More Photos (1/22/15)

A normal photo with Jacob and the APs

Jacob suggested we have a photos with all of us with a broken ankle.

My first zone as zone leader (but im not in the photo)

Baptisms (1/22/15)

January 22, 2014
Well this week went really well, we received 30 new missionaries and sent 22 off. My companion, I and the APs have been left without any sleep at all and we are dead, but still chugging along somehow. The foot is doing okay, but I am just ready to have the cast off now. I want to be able to walk normally and get back to a normal life (everything is so much harder on crutches). Well last week was a great week, we worked really hard and ended up having two baptisms here and I also got the photos of the baptisms of the people I was teaching in my other area before I fractured my ankle. I heard about the Sea-hawks win and I’m pretty pumped about that. Hope they can go the distance again. This week seems to have flashed by so I am just going to attach the 4 pictures of the 4 baptismal photos and explain each investigator. 

1. Antonio. Antonio is the one on the right next to my companion Elder Ortiz. Antonio was a reference from a member in the Puerta Grande ward where I was a zone leader. He has a few tattoos, gauges, and dresses a little gangster. At first sight you would probably pass a first judgment but he is awesome. He is reading the book of Mormon just about every day and is in Jacob. He loves the church and ever since the first lesson we had with him he has been a golden investigator. He had a few troubles giving up smoking but only smoked a few cigarette in the week and gave it up to get baptized. 

2. Maria de Refujio (Cucita). This happened the Sunday after I officially got put again as financial secretary, so Elder Goodrich is there with my companion Elder Ortiz. Maria was another reference from a member. The member found her in a hair salon and just started talking to her and the topic changed to religion. Maria was raised catholic her whole life but loves reading the bible. After studying the bible a lot she came to the conclusion that the Catholic Church can’t be the right church because there were so many faults. Long story short the member sent us over to teach her and she is AMAZING. The first lesson that we taught she told us that she wanted to find the true church so that she could share it with everyone else. She has given us 5 references since we started teaching her and according to Elder Goodrich one of the references is a family that is AMAZING. The have a baptismal date for the Sunday that I should be getting back. 

3. Daniel. Daniel is a young man who is 20 and the rest of his family are members. Longs story short his mom got divorced a while ago and got married to an ex missionary from Utah. After a while they got to know the missionaries and his mom and sister were baptized about one year ago, but he was a little rebellious and wanted nothing to do with the church. Recently he had gone through some rough times and had some bad experiences due to his rebelliousness. He saw how happy the church made his mom and sister and said he wanted to get baptized. He is such a cool fun guy and is so much fun to talk to. He is really loving and funny and we always joke around that he looks like Jacob from twilight (my best looking convert ;))

4. Felipa. Last but not least Felipa. Felipa before we met here was a hard core catholic. She went to church every Sunday, worships the virgin and was a die hard catholic. We worked really hard with her and since the first day we taught her she had felt that she was "being pushed towards this religion" even though her family was really against her getting baptized. She ended up accepting a baptismal date and everything was going well until the night of her baptism. She went to church that Sunday to complete her 4th attendance but then had to go work until 6. Her baptism was planned with the baptism of a family that the sisters were teaching at 7. My companion and I waited outside for felipa and she didn't show up. My companion and I were both really kinda down but we didn't give up hope we said a prayer, then another and another and continued to wait outside for her even thought the baptismal program had already started. We then got a text from the sisters saying that they were moving on to complete the actual ordinance so we went inside to watch. After the second baptism of 4 she showed up. We were so happy, she got changed and baptized by the bishop right away, so the photo that we have of her is after her baptism. 

Well this was a great week over all, I love the mission and I love seeing these people that I love change their lives and decide to get baptized!!!


Elder Adams 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bad News Followed by Good News (1/12/15)

January 12, 2015
Well this week I went to the doctors to get my ankle checked out and have the doctor take a look at my X ray exams and since that point of the week my week has been a roller coaster of good news, bad new situations:

Bad News, my ankle isn't just sprained but it is fractured right by the ball of my ankle, meaning that I will be on crutches and in a hard cast for 4 weeks.
Good News, if the fracture would have been just a little bit higher I would have had to get surgery and would have had to gone home for sure. 
Bad News, I informed President about my injury and he told me that anyone who is on crutches or can’t work for more than 3 weeks has to go home.
Good News, President loves me and doesn't want me to go home so he devised a plan where I would come back to the offices and be secretary again and the other secretary took my place for the time being. 

So I am now here in the offices again working as financial secretary. I still try and get out to work in the pueblo at night when we normally work but working on crutches IS THE WORST!!! Other then that not much has been going on, we have a baptism this Saturday which will be super awesome and I have also had 2 baptisms in Puerta Grande the last 2 Sundays that I wasn't able to attend. I will have the photos soon and I’ll be sure to send pictures when I have them. I am here again with Elder Bastian, 14 weeks wasn't enough so we are going to make it 18! :) I love being here with Elder Bastian again and he is super, super funny. Lastly we had concilo today. It was really good, we learned a ton from President and the 3 of us zone leaders from our generation got to meet up and talk (Elder Adams, Elder Adams and Elder Hadley). It was a great meeting and I loved seeing all them. I love you all and hope you all have a great week, GO SEAHAWKS!!!! #repeat


Elder Adams

Bad News Followed by Good News photo

Elder Adams, Elder Adams, and Elder Hadley

Monday, January 5, 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For (1/5/15)

January 4, 2015
Well, I have a little bit of bad news from this week. For New Year’s Eve we had a huge zone activity where we watched Frozen, ate pizza, and played lots of basketball. The activity was super fun until about 7 at night when I fell and twisted my ankle playing basketball. I haven’t been able to walk since and I have been on crutches. The ankle was HUGE when I sprained it, probably about 3 times its normal size. Right now it is a little less than double the size but still kills. The doctor said it would be a 4-6 week recovery and that hopefully I will be able to limp by next Pday. The funniest part of all of this was that the day before I was talking with Elder Payne about how I missed the offices and would love to go back. The day I came to the offices for my ankle he texted me saying "Be careful what you wish for Elder Adams haha"" 
I am still zone leader over my zone, and I am still in charge of doing everything a zone leader does, but I can’t leave to work. The same day one of the APs here in our mission got Chicken Pox, so he had been put on house arrest as well and we have become two pees in a pod. Him and I are companions for at least one week, probably two, and we can only go between the house and the offices. It has gotten really boring. The saddest part is that one of my investigators got baptized this week and I didn't get to see it, and the same might happen this week. Apart from that everything is going well, really boring but going really well. Our zone had 5 baptisms this week and everything is going really well in my area. Things are getting really boring here in the offices and I don’t have a lot to tell you guys about this week because the only thing I did was talk or sleep. Kind of a boring week and a little disappointing but hopefully everything starts to get betters.


Elder Adams

Be Careful What you Wish for photos