Friday, January 3, 2014

Week Seven

Sad news for Taylor, but it looks like they're in more time to "dear elder" him if you've got time! Sounds like he could use it!

January 3, 2014
This week has been really hard, its been really hard because on a normal schedule we should have left this Monday already. It has been really hard to focus and the week has seemed to drag on forever. Today was really hard also because my whole district got their travel plans to leave to Mexico in 3 days and I didn't, so I went to the travel office to see what was up and they said because I don't have my visa they are gonna keep me here at the MTC for another week or two while they try and get me in to the consulate. If I get in then I will leave for Mexico right after that, if after the 2 weeks here they still can't get me in then they will send me state side until I do get my visa. I'm really bummed about this and the MTC is getting harder everyday I'm here. On a positive note my companion and I have come a really long way in the past week. We are getting along well and things are going a lot better on that front. I also went to infield orientation last night which was awesome and helping me get ready for the field and I'm really excited to get out there and serve.

Not a whole lot to say about this week, I want to share a quick spiritual thought like usual, but this email may be the shortest one yet, due to the lack of things that happened this week. But here are some of my spiritual thoughts, I don't have my notes and can't find the scripture I wanted to share so  I will just share a brief thought:
Someone in my zone during testimony meeting said that when we get knocked down to our knees we are then in the perfect position to pray. I know that life can be difficult, especially after just having a hard week myself, but i know though prayer and through the help of Heavenly Father and Christ all things are possible. 

I miss you all tons and I hope I hear from all of you. Please send me letters and emails, I'd love to hear from whoever I can and keep in touch with those who would like to write me. I hope you all have a great week and remember to pray with things get hard.
Much Love,
Elder Adams

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