Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 12: I got my visa!!

February 7, 2014
Wow this past few weeks have been very hectic, I was serving up in Layton and for those who don't know I was having a very rough time, I had really bad anxiety and really bad panic attacks, I almost went home because it was really hard to deal with. I've since gotten help, I got transferred down to Liberty in downtown Salt Lake City with 2 new amazing Spanish speaking companions. I love my new area here and we bike everywhere. It is still a little weird riding my bike past SLCC and Spring Mobile Field (places I use to see all the time living in American Fork) but this area is awesome. Things have been going a lot better and everything has been looking up. I get to speak Spanish in this area which is awesome and I love the Hispanic people, they are so kind, loving and funny. 

This week was very hectic and I'm emailing late because on Sunday of last week I found out that I got my visa! I went up to Boise on Tuesday which was our P day here this week. My trip to Boise was really cool and a lot of fun! We got into Boise late Monday night and slept at the apartment of some Boise missionaries. The next morning we went the Mexican Consulte and had our fingerprints, and pictures taken. After we went to the food court in the Boise mall for lunch and found some awesome tie deals at the mall where I got 4 new ties! haha. After we had the cool opportunity to go to the Boise temple. After the temple we went and picked up our visas and then spent the rest of the day at Boise State University which was a lot of fun. I have lots of pictures but the computer I'm on right now doesn't have an adapter so I will load them next week. On Monday morning I started to get sick and the cold of Boise didn't help, neither did the plane ride home. By the time I got back to SLC I was sick as a dog and the last two days I've been layed up in bed not able to do anything. The two Elders who live upstairs from me where just as sick also so us three stayed in while my two companions went out and worked. Being sick in the mission is extra hard because number 1, I usually lay on the couch watching TV shows or movies, and or playing video games, all of which I can't do here on my mission. Number 2, laying in bed all day gives you nothing to do but think which can make you really homesick. I'm still pretty sick but I'm up and about today trying to shake the awfulness of being bed ridden.

I know you will all be expecting my two cents on the Super Bowl and what happened this past Sunday so I'd like to preface this by saying that was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Our mission President made every missionary check in for the night after dinner so that no one would watch the Super Bowl. Luckly our ward mission leader was texting us and giving us score updates but it was so hard knowing that all my friends and family from here and Seattle were watching the game and cheering on the Seahawks when I couldn't! I'm really happy they destroyed Denver and on Monday we did get to see the highlights which was nice. Speaking of the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, in Boise all over the mall was tons of Seahawks apparel and while this is going on, Mom, will you please by me some Seahawks stuff while they are selling them in bulk? :) Thank you!

Well even though being sick and not being able to watch the Super Bowl was really hard I'm doing a lot better than I was 2 weeks ago, I'm really excited to go to Mexico City but I'm also really nervous at the same time. I don't have lots of time so I will get off now but I just wanted to say I love you all and miss you tons!! :)


Elder Adams

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