Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 17

March 10, 2014
Well to start out, we still work really hard, I still miss home lots, which is hard, and I am so physically and mentally tired every single night. I really do love the people here and I will talk about them more later, but the mission is really hard still. Something funny that I was thinking about, we always go into houses with the TV on and I always see shows that Emily watches all the time like Avatar, iCarly and things like that, but they’re all in Spanish... I just thought it was really funny to see.

So this week was really crazy and I have 3 crazy stories to share:
1. We ate this really good meal (The wife is one of the best cooks I have ever met and can make anything taste good). At the end of the meal my companion asked if I knew what I just ate, I replied no and he said oh you just ate Chichuron, which is pig skin. Surprisingly it tasted really good... haha I don’t know how good it would have tasted if I knew before hand though... haha
2. My companion and I were giving a blessing to this bigger lady who was really sick. My companion was anointing her with oil and I was standing to the side with my arms crossed and head down. Then all the sudden the sister landed on me and I caught her. My companion had this huge panicked look on his face and she wasn’t breathing.... he thought he killed her. We got the other sister in the house and she was screaming her name and trying to get her to get up, fanning her off and smacking her chest, about 3 minutes later the sister caught her breath and had just fainted... it was really scary but really funny to look back on now. 
3. We had a lesson with a family we are teaching and at the end of the lesson some crazy lady was yelling outside the house. Maria, the mom, went and talked to the crazy lady who was saying that Maria’s kids broke her window. Maria calmly said, no they didn’t they were over here, did you see them do it? And the lady responded, no, but I know it was them and you need to pay. Maria said, I’m not going to pay you because they didn’t break your window... the lady said fine, then you will pay this way, and threw a huge rock through the window and the rock landed about 6 feet away from me... scared me so bad haha. Later they went over to her house and said, your window isn’t even broken!! And then the lady kicked a hole in her own window and said, “Yeah it is, look!” haha so crazy!!!

Next point of business, the Spanish is really coming along well. Everyone tells me that my Spanish is really good for only having 3 weeks in Mexico and I believe it because there is another Elder in our zone who has the same time here and can’t talk very well at all.... I can understand about 80% of what people say (unless they talk super fast or have a thick accent). I can understand most conversations but questions asked directly at me are kind of hard because if you don’t understand one word you don’t understand the question.... It funny, because I have a hard time understanding those questions and conversing very well with people who aren’t missionaries. Everyone thinks that I don’t understand when I actually do.

Lastly, the people here in Mexico are so amazing, so humble and so kind. For example, one of our investigators, Odilon, works harder and longer then I did in my job in the United States, makes about half the amount that I made and supports a whole family with it. He lives in a house that is very humble, and looks like a house that a few buddies and me could have made ourselves, but still every night that we come over he gives us food and treats us like family. This is just one example but there are so many people like that here in Mexico. They are so kind, and are willing to give everything even if they have nothing. 

Well I love you and miss you all. Everything is going well with our family here in Mexico. We are marrying 6 of them because here in Mexico people just live together and have a family because you have to pay to be married. We have a total about 22 people we are planning on baptizing the 22 of March, which will be awesome. Miss and love you all!


Elder Adams

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