Monday, June 9, 2014

7 Months in the Mission

June 9, 2014
Well today I finished 7 months in the mission, I will be going home in 17 months, which seems like a really long time, but the time here in Mexico is flying by.

Well just some quick updates from here in Mexico. I love my ward so much, they really are so amazing and I am happy for the chance that I have to serve here. We had an amazing lunch yesterday with the Miller family who are awesome! The only daughter just finished her English degree at BYU and is super cool. The area where I am serving right now is full of rich people. There are still people in this area who are not very well off but the majority of our ward is loaded. They take vacations to Spain, Brazil and the United States all the time, drive BMWs, etc... It is crazy to see but I really love the area where I am serving.

Just a few quick stories from this week: Number one, we had a baptism which was really, really great. Her name is Adela and she was so excited to be baptized. The baptism went really well and we had an investigator who attended the service and loved it. Secondly this week has been really, really hot and I got my first sunburn here in Mexico. I got the sun burn on my scalp where the line in my part is. hahaha It was pretty funny to see the red line where you can usually see my scalp but doing my hair this week has killed... haha.

Lastly, this week seemed to be going really, really well but was really disappointing come Sunday. We found some amazing new investigators, we found 3 families that are awesome that we have been teaching, and committed 17 to go to church with us for the first time, but one 1 actually went. It was really sad to see that and kind of brought down our spirits but we will bring them next week! 

Sorry I don’t have a lot to share this week but I hope you all know that I love and miss you. Hope you are all doing well and are working hard! 

Elder Adams

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