Monday, April 21, 2014

Crazy Week in Mexico! (week 23)

April 21, 2014
Well hello everyone again! This week was a very hard week to say the least, but was also a very entertaining week with many crazy stories, but first off just to get some business out of the way: Happy Birthday Josh!! I won’t be able to write you happy birthday on your actually birthday, but know that I will be thinking about you. I love you and miss you tons and hope your have a great birthday!! Secondly if at all possible mom could you send me my line of authority for the priesthood? That would be amazing! :)

Well here come the crazy stories. To understand these stories you first need to know that even though my area is very calm and easy going, the area right next us, called Molino, is the most crazy dangerous area in the whole mission. There are 2 sets of Elders in this area and one of my friends, Elder Stromberg, served there for 9 months. While he was there he witnessed 9 people get killed in all different types of manner: people shot, stoned to death, curb stomped, hung, you name it he probably saw it.
1. Well to start out the crazy stories the first set of Elders in Molino, Elder Ramirez and Elder Sailee, returned home at 9 Monday night and were saying their companionship prayer, when all the sudden a brick flew through the window and a man started climbing in the window. They ran to their room and stacked the beds behind the door and were holding back the door while calling president. The man was just looking to rob them and was searching for money. After about 10 minutes the man left and their apartment was flipped upside down while he was looking for their money.
2. Second crazy story, in the other side of Molino on Tuesday night the Elders were riding home in a combi when I man climbed inside the combi announced "This is a hold up! Everyone pull out all your money" He had 2 pistols and a taser and went around the whole combi robbing everyone and taking the purses of the women.
3. Lastly, this Thursday I did interchanges with my Zone Leaders who lives in Molino. We were riding home from our day in Molino and a man walked into the Combi with his hands tucked under his armpits, in his jacket and came and sat right next to me. As we were sitting next to each other I felt a pistol where his hands were that was rubbing against my side. Luckily already in the Combi with us was a police officer and I believe the man was trying to rob the combi, but was waiting until the policeman left. Luckily my companion and I got off the combi before the officer did and nothing happened. Molino is a crazy place and you see some crazy stuff there!!
4. Last crazy story, that really isn’t all that crazy. This week there was a huge earthquake in Acapulco which is about 3 hours away. The earthquake was so big that we felt it here in Constituyentes but it really wasn’t that big or scary, just crazy that the earthquake reached that far.

Lastly before I have to go I got really sick yesterday. Saturday night I felt like I was getting a fever and so I went to bed early and took some Tylenol. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating bullets and freezing even though I had on 3 blankets and 2 jackets. I took my temperature in the morning and had a 102 degree fever. I ended up going to church and afterwards we did interchanges so my companion went and worked with a member and I went to another members house to rest. While I was sleeping there my fever rose to 103 and the family insisted that they take me to the doctors. I went to the doctors and he gave me 5 injections that I have to take the next 5 days. The injections are about 2 inches long and I have to have them shot in my butt and they KILL!!! Today the doctor told me to rest the whole day and only eat Saltines and drink Gatorade. It has been a really hard week and ending the week like that is really hard also.

Well I need to get off. I love and miss you and hope you are all doing well. Love you!

Elder Adams

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