Monday, April 7, 2014

week 21

Well I have lots of things to write this week, mainly about conference and hardstruggles so strap in!! First things first, I still havent got your package yet and I really hope it shows up!! Secondly when you get the chance please get my new shoes from missionary mall and send me them. My shoes are starting to fall apart and they are the only ones I have xD

Well to start of this email this change has been a hard one to start out, not because of my companion, he is awesome a good hard worker and we get a long well, but more so for three reasons that are starting to bring back anxiety:
1. Missing/thinking of Elder Herd is a little hard, because I think about how he is home in Utah and how badly I would love to be home, because as much as I love the people here, the experience and the adventure, I really really miss home and would love to be home and see everyone again.
2. This change is really hard because if I would have stayed out on my mission the first time, or had done it correctly the first time, this would be my last change. My old zone leader would have been here the same amount of time and thinking of him makes it really hard because he is going home in 5 weeks and I could be too had I done it correctly.
3. Not being able to speak Spanish and fully express myself, because even though I can converse with my companion I cant speak very deeply with him and our conversations are very basic... haha
No matter what I am not going to give up, I am doing a really good job at managing my anxiety this time around but no matter what I am never going to give up the fight. I just always have to remind myself that even though I really miss home and the US I love it here too, I love the people here and this is such a cool amazing adventure that I am on. I already have so many stories and I will have so many more by the end. Lastly and most importantly I am changing lives. It is so amazing to see and feel those who I love change their lives.

Sorry this email seems to be all over the place but something I wanted to talk about briefly is how I can already tell how much I am changing, food that I didnt like before I do now, such as cocunut, avacado and pineapple. The thing that I am most excited about for my change is I have really grown to love reading and studying!! Studying is always my favorite part of the day and I even when I return at night I love studying, I dont want my hour to end! I have been reading Our search for happiness by Elder Ballard and I am almost done, and started it four days ago, for those who know the book, or me, know that means I had to be reading more than just my one hour of personal study ever day.

Lastly, conference was so amazing!!! This is the first conference I have ever watched all 5 sessions and I am so disapointed in my self that I didnt realize how amazing conference was or the significance of conference before my mission. I hope you all got the chance to watch all 10 hours and if not I would challange you to do so. I dont have anytime left but I just wanted to share 2 talks I think my family can grow from, and 5 of my favories. 1. Family, please watch the talk by Linda Revees from the Sat morning session, you can learn and grow from it so much!! It is amazing and talks a lot about how to strengthen a family (more than just not watching pornography which is what she starts out with.)
2. Randall L Ridd. from the Priesthood session, this talk we can all learn and grow from but is especially for Josh because it is something I wish I would have applied before my mission.

My 5 favorites were (in no particular order):
1. Jeffery R Holland (Sat morning)
2. Linda Reeves (Sat morning)
3. Russell M Nelson (Sat Afternoon)
4. Robert D Hales (Sat Afternoon)
5. Diter F Uchdorf (Priesthood) as well as Jean A Steven Sun Morning

I love an miss you all and I am getting off early because we are late writing but I will be sure to write next week. I miss and love you all and cant wait to hear from you!! Love you!!

Elder Adams

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