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July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015
This week was a wonderful week but I feel like my weeks are becoming more boring and boring as far as writing goes. I can’t think of a whole lot to write... This week we did lots of interchanges, doing interviews for other areas, we went to the temple again with some investigators and Recent converts and we also had a baptism. This week the letter will be divided up into these 3 topics:

1. Interchanges went really well this week I had a great fun interchange with Elder Warner (my mtc companion) he came here to do an interview for us and my companion went with Elder Bellodas to their area to do an interview also. I also had a really really fun interchange with Elder Davis. This was the first time I have ever really hung out with Elder Davis but we are like 2 peas in a pod. He is a really funny cool guy, huge gaming nerd, and we spent the whole night talking over a pizza we ordered. It was a really fun interchange and we found his area a lot of great new investigators. 

2. We had another great trip to the temple. We stayed a little longer this time to be able to see everything after the meet the Mormons movie. I love that movie so much but the part about the coach makes me miss football season like CRAZY!! and the one about the mom of the missionary makes me miss home and the family a little. 

3. My companion and I have been working really hard and doing everything we can to find new people and some miracles. We have a baptismal date for this Sunday and yesterday we had a wonderful baptism. Her name is Yael and she is the daughter of Mercedes (the mom who we baptized 2 or 3 weeks ago). The daughter was almost never home because she is studying to be a dental assistant and has to give community service every morning for her school also. She finally left on summer vacation so we started being able to teach her and bring her to church. She loves the gospel and loves church, it was honestly really easy, normally there is always a distraction, something difficult to overcome, a doubt or something, but she loved church from day one, decided to get baptized, and never looked back.

Well this week overall was a wonderful week, we are doing well here, finding lots of success and working really hard to find more. Here are some photos as always.

Elder Adams

PS I almost forgot to put this in. I got some new scripture cases. I don’t have a photo but they are made of leather with engraved photos exactly how I wanted it. I also got from my convert in Lerma an AWESOME pillowcase and a convert from here works with Marble and Granit and is going to make me a plaque with my missionary nametag in granite!! I’ll be sure to take photos and send those next week!!

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