Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week Four (Still in the MTC)

Wow where to begin, this week has been crazy and so many things have happened this week. By Wednesday 5 of the 6 districts in our zone will have left to their missions (aka all the districts but mine). I'm really excited for all them to go but selfishly its really sad to say goodbye to everyone I have grown to love!! Elder Wanner and I have been called to be the new Zone Leaders (Leaders of all 6 districts in our zone) and we will be getting 40 new missionaries into our zone on Wednesday! It will be lots of work but I am really excited! Today is the half way mark and I am so excited to get out to Mexico already!! As for my companion and district I feel very off and on about them, I really love Elder Hadley who is in the same apartment as me and the rest of my zone is alright. Love them someday's and other days not so much, just something I have to work on/through. I have become really close to one of the Elders in another district, Elder Russan, He is the man and I'm gonna miss him like crazy! (He leaves on Wed.). I have also become really close to Hermana Pepcorn who is a sister in the district right next to ours, she leaves Monday but reminds me so much of Emily, she is the nicest girl I have ever met and has the most sincere love for every she meets. She is so awesome and being friends with her is a huge blessing!!

Just a few spiritual notes I would like to touch on that I learned this week:
1. President Tyler came in one night as was talking to us and said: "Look at every situation through the lens of the the scriptures". The scriptures contain many similar situations and trials we have in our lives, and though reading the scriptures, and making choices similar to those the prophets would in the scriptures we can make the right decision and come close to God.
2. My teacher, Hermano Ramsey, told us that this life is not a way to earn our way to Christ, but we are here to learn our way to Christ. The more and more we learn of Christ each day the closer and closer we can draw unto him and ultimately live with him again.
3. Lastly I have a new favorite missionary scripture, this describes to a T the reason I'm on a mission and I love it so much!! its Alma 36:24 but unfortunately I don't have my scriptures with me so you will have to look it up for yourselves. 

The MTC is going well, the days seem long, but the weeks seem to fly by, very weird concept but whatever! The Spanish is coming along very well but I know It's going to be really really really hard once I finally make it down to Mexico and rather than my teacher speaking his Spanish at 60% speed I will have natives spiting out words at 100 miles and hour.... Yesterday I got a care package from Brother and Sister Hazen which was amazing!! My whole day was turned around and It was so nice to hear from them! I love receiving packages, letters and dearelders from anyone and everyone, I will send back letters if you send me something so make sure to write me if you aren't!! :) I miss everyone tons and would love to hear from each and everyone of you!! I hope you are all having a great Christmas season, and make sure to remember this is a great time to serve others!!

Much Love, 
Elder Adams 
PS: Here is my address:

Elder Taylor Michael Adams
2023 N 900 E Unit 881
Provo, UT 84602

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