Monday, January 26, 2015

No Idea What to Write (1/26/15)

January 26, 2015
Honestly right now I have no idea what to write, I wrote you guys about 3 days ago and NOTHING has happened between then and now. I am still in a cast waiting for my doctor appointment the 5th of February. According to the doctor I should be getting my cast off that day but I guess we will see what happens. After getting the cast off I will have physical therapy and my President said we will follow whatever the doctor says as far as that goes, so depending on the doctors advice I may spend my time in the offices during physical therapy or in the field. The three options are basically these:
1. Stay in the offices as Financial Secretary during my physical therapy.
2. Go back to Puerta Grande to be zone leader there
3. Go to be a zone leader in another area that doesn’t have so many hills.

So basically I am just playing the waiting game, I will work really hard here in the offices until I get back to the field but I’m not too worried. I know that I will go exactly where the Lord wants me to be and in his own time. I won’t rush it and I won’t influence it. I know that Pres. Whitehead get revelation and I will go where the Lord sends me. Well not much to say, I don’t even have a picture between now and the last time I wrote you. We went to Santa Fe to pick up the new suit I bought myself for Christmas ;) and we are going to go play ping pong with some other Elders. Well I love you ton and hope you all have a great week!!


Elder Adams 

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