Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bad News Followed by Good News (1/12/15)

January 12, 2015
Well this week I went to the doctors to get my ankle checked out and have the doctor take a look at my X ray exams and since that point of the week my week has been a roller coaster of good news, bad new situations:

Bad News, my ankle isn't just sprained but it is fractured right by the ball of my ankle, meaning that I will be on crutches and in a hard cast for 4 weeks.
Good News, if the fracture would have been just a little bit higher I would have had to get surgery and would have had to gone home for sure. 
Bad News, I informed President about my injury and he told me that anyone who is on crutches or can’t work for more than 3 weeks has to go home.
Good News, President loves me and doesn't want me to go home so he devised a plan where I would come back to the offices and be secretary again and the other secretary took my place for the time being. 

So I am now here in the offices again working as financial secretary. I still try and get out to work in the pueblo at night when we normally work but working on crutches IS THE WORST!!! Other then that not much has been going on, we have a baptism this Saturday which will be super awesome and I have also had 2 baptisms in Puerta Grande the last 2 Sundays that I wasn't able to attend. I will have the photos soon and I’ll be sure to send pictures when I have them. I am here again with Elder Bastian, 14 weeks wasn't enough so we are going to make it 18! :) I love being here with Elder Bastian again and he is super, super funny. Lastly we had concilo today. It was really good, we learned a ton from President and the 3 of us zone leaders from our generation got to meet up and talk (Elder Adams, Elder Adams and Elder Hadley). It was a great meeting and I loved seeing all them. I love you all and hope you all have a great week, GO SEAHAWKS!!!! #repeat


Elder Adams

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