Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cast Off (2/10/15)

February 10, 2015
Well this week was a really really busy week, with lots of meetings and things to do in the offices, everyday we had something different going on which kept us busy but makes for a little bit of a lame letter. The biggest thing that happened to me this week would have to be getting my cast off. I finally got my cast off and even though I am walking somewhat slow I am still walking at about 70 percent. I should be leaving the offices at anytime and my president is pretty set on sending me out to the country where the roads are a lot more flat. I will be sad to leave Elder Bastian again because he is such a good friend but I have been in the offices for WAY to long. I have been here for almost 8 months... that is over half of my mission. Elder Bastian and I have been talking about putting together a basketball team after the mission and one thing that he has converted me on is "conquering your own state". He is a big mountain climber and its a thing that he does with some of his brothers and dads. In every state and county you have ever lived in you have to climb to the highest point of that state or country. For example, we have both lived in Washington and in order to "Conquer Washington" we need to climb to the peek of Mount Rainier. Elder Bastian and I are going to climb Mount Rainier some day and we also want to climb some other big mountains after the mission. Lastly, yesterday we had a big group of missionaries come in to put their fingerprints and renew their visas (me and my generation included). We had a few missionaries come in and stay at our house because they had to come from far away and I got to have Elder Adams, Elder Jex, Elder Mason and Elder Sailee stay with me that night. It was SO much fun but I am so tired now because we didn’t sleep AT ALL!!! We went to bed at 5 in the morning and had to wake up at 6:25 like always. We had a half P-day today and a half P-day yesterday and my companion and I slept from 1 to 6, we were so tired and so out of it but are doing pretty good now. Things are flying by way to fast here-officially 9 months from tomorrow I will be getting off my airplane in Salt Lake City which is the craziest thing to think about. One month from tomorrow I will be 2/3 done with my mission and the time seems to be flying by I miss you all a ton and hope you all have a great week. Sad to hear about the Sea hawks losing but I will be at home to cheer them on for the next Super Bowl!!


Elder Adams

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