Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 19, 2015

August 19, 2015
Before anything else this morning I was thinking in the shower and did some quick math in my head.... I realized that I have 81 days left before I finish my mission.... that means that each day that passes by is more than 1 percent of what I have left... Honestly I’m really starting to feel it, Im its really started to hit me hard that I’m going home, maybe because its my last area, this is the ward I will get sent off from, but no matter what its still getting hard to think about, I don’t want to go home. I almost bust out crying every time I think about leaving the mission, leaving behind all the wonderful memories that I’ve made, all my friends that are still here, the wonderful converts that I love... it just seems to be going by way to fast...

On a totally different topic, this week has been a roller coaster of emotions, coming to the end of my mission that’s how it should be, right?? I am trying to fight the feelings of "dying" here in the mission, or in other words, not working hard, thinking too much about home, or what Ill be doing after the mission. Its something that happens to a lot of people as the finish their missions but I’m doing everything I can to fight it. It was also hard because this past week somebody really died. On Friday night my companion and I found out that one of the missionaries in our zones dad passed away... Elder Thompson ended up going home with an honorable release but it made me think a lot about my mission and about my family. I started to think, "if my mom or dad died while I was on the mission would it have been worth it?? Did I make the best of my time?? Or did I come and screw around and then after screwing around never get to see my parents again??" Luckily I was able to answer that it would be worth it, I have made all that I can of my time here in Mexico, and I have working really hard but it did make me start working hard than I have been, because I have been letting myself slip a little. Either way whether I work hard or not Don’t any of you dare die!! I’ve only got 12 weeks left and I would hate to have that happen, it would be the hardest thing to deal with, and even though I wouldn’t come home, I would finish out the 12 weeks that I have left and I want to see you all in the airport, so don’t do anything stupid!! ;)

To let you all know I’m writing right now on Wednesday because I an area change... After 6 transfers as zone leader my President put me down to train a kid, opening area. This is easily the hardest test I’ve had in my whole mission but I love the challenge because its making me work so much harder than I ever have in my whole life, it makes me depend so much more on Heavenly Father. It’s SO hard opening an area where you don’t know ANYTHING and even harder to do it while training and newbee.... My companion and I are opening an area called Sauces, its a little county town north of Toluca. My companions name is Elder Solis and he is from Tijuana. It is a great experience, and even though it’s really hard I’m really happy for this great chance. The other Elder Adams and I are doing it together. We are both opening areas with kids and our companions were actually companions in the MTC.

This change should be great, not only will it be a fun roller coaster of emotions but there are so many things happening, we have the open house for the Mexico City Temple that we will be going to with investigators this Friday. Next week we have a zone conference with President and also next week we have our mission conference with Elder D Todd Cristofferson. The temple will be rededicated the 13th of September and we will also have the training for new missionaries and their trainers.... ALL IN ONE CHANGE! What a great time. Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!


Elder Adams

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