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August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015
Wow, this week was wonderful, an emotional rollercoaster but full of great experiences and I have no idea where to start.... First off last week my companion and I baptized Paola and Miriam, Miriam is the mom of Poala and that was a great experience I will be sharing. Secondly I had what I believe to be my last concilio, it was so amazing, I had so much fun and learned so much, but it makes me sad to know that my experience as a leader in the great mission is coming to an end. We also had a great zone junta yesterday and today I got stung by a scorpion.... 

Well, lets start with the scorpion story and work our way down the list more spiritually... A few weeks ago my companion and I found a scorpion in the house, we went to kill it but it hid behind the book shelf and we couldn’t find it again... we have known that the scorpion has been roaming somewhere around the house so we have just been careful with our shoes and blankets, but this morning I went to put my pants on and felt a small prick with a sharp pain in my knee. I took my pants off and my companion asked me if it was the scorpion. I responded that I wasn’t sure and then the scorpion fell out of my pant leg... Luckily our bishop is a doctor and the scorpion that stung me isn’t dangerous... It hurt for about 5 minutes and swelled up a little but I am doing well now.

Secondly, this week we had concilio. For those who don’t know the first Monday of every month we have something called concilio which is a leadership training meeting. All the zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders meet up at Presidents house and we have a really cool meeting on what President wants us to do as leaders and what he wants us to teach. The next day we then have a zone meeting and we can share what we learned with President to our zones. This concilio was extra special and I learned so much about how to help the missionaries that surround me so much more. We also played TONS of basketball which was really fun and President grilled us burgers and hot dogs, delicious. The sad part is that this was probably my last concilio, because President has told me that I will probably go down, open an area and train a new missionary for my last 12 weeks. Nothing is set in stone because President can always change his mind or receive different revelation but so far that looks like what’s going to happen.

Also, in the concilio we received an incredible announcement, the 29th of this month Elder Todd D Cristofferson is going to come to our mission and we will have a mission conference with him. That will be such a cool and wonderful experience and I am really looking forward to that experience.

Lastly, this week my companion and I baptized Miriam and Paola. They were references we received from a member about 5 weeks ago with Elder Monarrez. They got baptized on Friday and confirmed this Sunday, they got baptized together but Miriam is moving to the United States. She will be living in Indiana for her job and we miss her a lot. Elder Mathews and I are already planning a sweet summer road trip to go do a ton of fun things on the east coast and visit her. These are two converts that we will be best friends with for the rest of our lives, they have truly become best friends and they are so much fun to be around.

Overall we had an amazing week, filled with baptisms, concilio, great announcements and of course, scorpion bites. I hope you all have a great week and Ill see you all in about 13 week!!

Elder Adams

PS I’m not counting down but early in my mission I found out that the 1st of August is when I will have 100 days left so I now have less than 100 days in my mission....

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