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August 31. 2015 update

August 31, 2015
Before talking about Elder Christofersen something I forgot to tell you about last week was that my companion and I almost got struck by lightning literally 5 minutes after writing you guys about not dying.... ha ha, a lightning bolt came and landed about 3 feet in front of us.... and if that isn’t a sign that we are being protected by the Lord I don’t know what is.... ha ha

As for this week Elder Christofersen came to our mission and we had an amazing mission conference with him, he taught us a lot about the last commission that Christ made to his apostles and that today the people who carry out this commission are the 15 brethren, the 70s and us... or in other words we are companions to the general authorities. He also taught us that every missionary needs the spirit of revelation, the spirit of prophecy and the holy order of God. He taught us what each one of those meant and gave us multiple scriptures to use. One of the biggest things that I pulled away and want to apply is this concept I wrote about to President this week:

"As for what I learned from Elder Christofersen something that hit me hard is when he said "We need to have a firm testimony of every principle we teach in order for the spirit to testify of our words. I am filling out my own "registro de enseñanza, and this change and I’m going to finish. I have 3 columns to check off 1) When I have finished reading that principle and all the scriptures about that principle in preach my gospel. 2) When I have memorized 1 scripture for that principle. 3) I am going to kneel and ask my heavenly father for a strong testimony for each principle. That way I will mark off each one of the 42 principles that we teach and after passing off each principle I am going to write down my testimony in my study journal about each principle."

It was a great experience not only to be with Elder Christofersen but also to be there as mission, all of us together singing "called to serve" the spirit was so strong in that moment and it made me feel such a love for the mission that I am in and what this mission has meant to me. I love it with all my heart and I loved seeing all my friends that I have made here in the mission.

I love you all and hope you are all having a great week. I will post a lot of photos so don’t worry!! Love you all!!


Elder Adams

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