Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Week in Mexico

May 26, 2014
Dear friends and family! How are you all doing?? I have been missing you all a lot recently, but this week here in San Mateo Atenco has been pretty good. The mission is never really a mission without difficulties so I will get those out of the way first. First thing first, once again I was sick.... I had what they call here the "Two Headed Dragon" which is when you have diarrhea and are throwing up at the same time, it really was not a fun day... Secondly, it is really hard thinking about all my friends from the MTC the first time I entered who are home now, and if I had stayed out I would be home too. That is really hard to think about, but something I can get over. Lastly, this wasn’t really a difficulty but I almost lost my eyebrows this week trying to turn on the boiler for hot water the other morning... haha.

This week was fairly plain and not a whole lot to talk about. My Spanish is really coming along because once again I am in an all-Hispanic district... there are 6 of us (1 from Panama, 1 from El Salvador, 3 from Mexico, and me). My companion and I stay up to almost all ends of the night talking, which is lots of fun and also makes me think that my Spanish has to be pretty decent. Either that or he is really good at understanding awful Spanish... haha.

The big story from this week was that we had 2 baptisms!! Earnesto and Naomi were both baptized yesterday and it was so awesome! I will post pictures. Baptisms are always the best. We had a few difficulties getting the baptism planned because our bishop didn’t want them to be baptized but in the end we got everything worked out and because of the 13 baptisms we had in the zone this past week we are going to be Bauti-Lerma!!!! The zone that has the most baptisms per companionship in a month is named bautizona and our zone name is Lerma, so we are going to be BAUTI-LERMA!!! 

Well sorry this letter was fairly short, not a whole lot to talk about but I just want you all to know that I love you and miss you all tons! :) 


Elder Adams

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