Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 25

May 6, 2014

Hey everyone!
I am almost 6 months into my mission!! (4 more days). Just some quick business. I gave Elder Herd some American money to bring home to you because there was really nothing I could do with it here. Secondly I also found out that packages from US Postal rarely ever get taken so I would try that (That is how grandma sent me her package).

Secondly, just a little bit of information from this week. This week started out really, really hard. I have no idea why but I was really, really homesick to start out the week and had a really hard start to the week. As the week progressed on "bad week syndrome" swung to my companion and he started having a really hard time with our district and zone and has been really mad or sad this entire week. The week for me has turned around quite a bit, because I have been able to help him a lot through these challenges due to my relaxed personality. This has helped me grow closer to my companion, although things are still difficult. Changes are coming up this week and President told me, yesterday, that he thinks he is going to change me because I have been in this area for 3 months.

Wow, home seems to be crazy! Sounds like quite a week you all had with prom, Josh´s permit, all the visits, and everything like that. I hope you all had a good week and had fun with everything that is going on. It is really crazy how many things are going on and seem to pass by when you aren’t there to witness them... haha. I heard that Elder Herd visited! I love him so much and miss him a ton. I am glad you all like him just as much as I do. He was a great Elder and a great man. I was meaning to tell you the difference between the old and new President, but it sounds like he did a pretty good job at that. President Whitehead really is so loving and has been so amazing with everything!

Lastly these past few weeks I have had some few crazy changes. First I’ve twice spent the whole day with Sister Whitehead as my companion, while I helped her with her computer issues, which was really weird having a girl as my companion for the day, but it really was a lot of fun. I got to know her really well, and she is awesome and, secondly, it was lots of fun working on computers. President told me that he isn’t going to send me to an area far away from his house because he wants me to be here to help with his computers. ;) I joked around and told him he should just put me in the offices (There are 2 Elders that deal with all the affairs of the mission and only work at night from 5 to 9, but do missionary work in the area of President). Everyone tells me I will be an office Elder because if you know a lot about computers, he loves having you there in the offices on the computers all day. He responded to my sarcastic remark by saying, "Oh Elder Adams, trust me, that day WILL come." This made me really happy because I would like to serve in the office, to serve in that area, work on the computers, and work so closely with President.  Secondly, this past week we did interchanges so that my companion could be helped by our zone leaders. So Elder Sailee, who I love, came to my area. He was here for 24 hours and it was so much fun, but the thing that was so much fun is that he knows even less Spanish then I do.... haha. This gave me a lot of confidence in my Spanish and made me realize that really I am progressing! :)

Oh I almost forgot, this week we will be baptizing Virginia. She has been our strong investigator this whole change and has been so awesome. She works, literally, 7 days a week, 10 hour days. She talked with her boss and changed her work schedule so that she could attend church and goes every week. It was really amazing how we found her. At the start of the change I was in charge of everything-where to go and what to do. I had everything planned out and a backup plan to call this lady if everything fell through. Everything ended up falling through and so we called Virginia, someone we contacted last change but only had her phone number, not her address or anything. She ended up being really, really interested and has loved everything we have taught her and really has changed everything to follow the example of Jesus Christ, what a miracle!

Well I miss you all and hope that you are all doing well. I have posted my pictures to dropbox and I hope you like them all. Happy Mothers day to all you moms and I hope that you all have the great day you deserve!! I can´t wait to talk to you on Sunday!!


Elder Adams

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