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Flying Time (July 19, 2014)

July 19, 2014
Wow time seems to be rushing by so fast now... I have been in Mexico for 5 moths and I still remember my first day with Elder Herd like it was yesterday. Speaking of Elder Herd, I miss him tons and I hope he’s doing well. So I love actually doing things here on P-days. There are really, really cool areas here in Mexico and in the position that my companion and I are in we get to go visit them every P-day, when normally out in the field we just kick back and relax. Today we went to Chapultepec Park, which is the coolest thing I have done here in Mexico. First we went to the zoo for about 2 hours, it is a huge zoo and is so much fun! We saw tons of different types of monkeys, panda bears, jaguars, lions, bears, leopards, venomous snakes, birds, tons of different animals. It was SO cool. Afterwards we walked around the park and the lake and it was super, super fun. Lastly we went to the Chapultepec Castle, which is massive, super pretty, and has tons of really, really cool art in it. It was a really, really fun day and beautiful. It has been raining a ton recently, but today was about 80-90 degrees with nothing but blue skies. The Chapultepec castle has an amazing view and it was so pretty. 

This week was a little crazy, with some crazy stories and a few cool things but first things first…the other day we saw a Ferrari, 2 Porches, multiple BMWs and a Maserati... if that doesn't give you an idea about how rich my area is then I don't know what will... haha.
This week we had our zone conferences, which we got to help with, which was really cool. Lastly for the crazy stories this week…we had 2 Elders get rushed to the hospital. Basically what happened is they have their tank of gas inside their house and forgot to turn it off after taking a shower in the morning. During their studies they got really, really light headed and felt sick so they called Sister Whitehead and she found out they had fasted yesterday until this morning and so she thought it was for that and told them to sleep until 10:30 and then to go out and work. At 12 she got a call from a member who they had an appointment with at 11 and they weren't answering their phones and she was worried. Sister Whitehead sent two other Elders over there and they had to break into the house through the window and found Elder Puerto and Elder McCubbins passed out on the floor unconscious, laying in their own vomit. They got rushed to the hospital and after a few hours Elder Puerto woke up and was doing fine. Elder McCubbins on the other had woken up but was way, way out of it, couldn't put words together and they were afraid he had brain damage. They took tests and said they would be able to see what was going on in the morning. After the tests President was finally able to give him a blessing and about 15 minutes later he snapped back to reality. They are still under the hospital care trying to get rid of the carbon monoxide poisoning, but are doing well. It is amazing to see the power of a priesthood blessing. 

Lastly, just a quick update on our investigators and a few spiritual thoughts to chew on. Last week even though we had 8 people committed to come to church, only one ended up coming because of the World Cup. This week we should have a few people at church and we are taking one investigator to the English ward in the morning because she can’t go to the Spanish ward because of her work, so we are going to take her to the English ward and translate for her, which will be fun. She is our best investigator right now and we have plans to baptize her the 3rd of August.
Here in the offices I get to listen to lots of talks and of course I love all the ones by Elder Holland but I just wanted to give you links to 3 talks which are all AMAZING!! One of them is actually the link to the video that I was talking about in my first change and really helps me when I have a hard day. 

Well my companion has a lot of my pictures on his camera because my camera died in the park but here are a few pictures from the zoo. Love and miss you all!!

Elder Adams

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