Sunday, July 6, 2014

Second Week in the Offices

July 5, 2014
Well the offices are really, really great so far, I love all the work that I am doing here, but the best part is being so close to President and always being with the APs. Today for P-day we went out and ate with President and are going to play racquetball at a member’s house after we are done emailing. Yes, the member has a racquetball court in his house. I feel like being in the offices will be cutting a lot from my emails just because I don't have as many crazy, cool, or spiritual stories to share, but I will continue to try and fill up my emails with all the stories that I do have. 

First thing, Elder Christensen and I are going to be having a TON of weight dropped on our shoulders and go through a lot of changes. The senior couple, the Sellers, who work in the offices with us will be leaving the Monday, which is really, really sad because we love them so much, but their replacements won’t be coming until August. This means that my companion and I will have to pick up their workload, and a not so difficult task of occupying their hotel room until the new senior couple comes. Because we will be living in the hotel we will have maid service, and a free continental breakfast, which will be nice. Secondly both of the APs are going home this change, one in 3 weeks and the other in 5, which means we will have 2 new APs coming into the offices and be learning how to run everything. Lastly, we are having a huge influx of missionaries, so over the next 2 months President has to open up 17 new areas for missionary work, and being his secretaries means we have to do a TON of work to get those areas opened. 

Secondly, yesterday I got your package, being in the offices is awesome because that means when the packages arrive here in Mexico, I have the package! I don't have to wait for 2-4 weeks till it can get sent out to my area. It came as perfect timing because I was really bummed I didn't have a blue, red and white tie for the 4th of July but it came right in time! (PS we aren't aloud to wear skinny ties. Our ties have to be wider than 4 fingers and that tie is skinnier than my four fingers. But it’s bigger than one of the APs fingers so President gave me permission to wear it-but just a heads up for the future). As yesterday was the 4th of July we had a celebration here in the offices (As 6 of us are American and 1 is Mexican.) We sang the star spangled banner, said the pledge of alliance and my companions and I cooked hot dogs over the stove and made pork and beans. It was a really fun day and we had a lot of fun with it. 

Lastly, they just opened a new aquarium here in our area in a town called Polanco, it is also next to a huge art museum, both of which have gotten amazing reviews and we have heard lots of good things about them. The aquarium is 10 dollars (about 120 pesos) and the Art museum is free. My companion and I will definatly be going there on a P-day which will be a lot of fun, but first we have to visit Socalo! Socalo is a huge tourist spot in Mexico, it has really, really cool pyramids and tons of little shops. One of the little shops is called Chinos which is a tie shop. The ties are fairly cheap, about 40-50 pesos a tie, but they have a special where you can buy 12 ties for 150 pesos (11 dollars and 50 cents) which is clearly a missionary favorite. 

Sorry I don't have a whole lot to talk about today, and sorry that my thoughts were all over the place, but I love you and miss you all! Hope you have a great vacation in NC! I am super jealous right now and I wish I could be there with you all! Have fun and be safe!


Elder Adams

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