Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome to the offices!!

June 28, 2014
Well this week came as a little bit of a surprise. I got put in the offices of our mission. I am going to be Financial Secretary. This means I am in charge of the budget and all the money in the whole mission. Anything that has to do with money in the mission goes through me. My companion is Elder Christensen from Burly, ID he is awesome and I love being his companion, so far. He is the Presidential Secretary, so he does lots of stuff with Visa's, missionaries coming in and going home and planning President’s schedule. Until I get moved out of the offices I will be having my P-days on Saturday because we are really, really busy on Monday. 

The offices are really good. We work here in the offices doing work on the computers and what not until about 5 or 6 every night, and then we go and work out in the field for a few hours to help out are area (We serve in two wards, we share an English ward with the AP's and we share a Spanish Ward with the sisters in our district). The area where we are serving is super, super, super rich... The area of Palmas, Interlomas and the whole area where my companion, I and the AP's serve is pretty much the Beverley Hills of Mexico City... wow! About 10 percent of the people have a normal standard Mexican house, about 40 percent have a Mansion, and 50 percent own penthouse-like apartments that remind me of the hotels in Las Vegas. Not only is our area really nice and rich, but where we live is really, really nice also. We share a house with the AP's and our house is also used for special circumstances (ie. missionaries that are flying in and staying the night, missionaries that are going home etc). The usual rent limit for our missionaries in this mission is 2,000 pesos a month. Our house costs about 22,000 pesos a month... We are really kind of spoiled here and I am probably going to regain the 25 pounds I have lost here in Mexico, but I love it! haha. But the thing that I am most excited about is working so closely with the AP's (The two best missionaries in the whole mission) and President and Sister Whitehead. We work with them all the time and do lots of fun things with them. I am so excited to learn and grown from them in the experience and to work so closely with President and his wife.

Just a quick update from my first area, Consitituyentes. My companion that I didn't get along with very well "destroyed the area". People in the area where super disanimated and there were lots of people and members who went inactive because, according to our AP's. he was doing "stupid stuff". They closed the area, took both him and his companion out of the area, and put the AP's over that area to help reanimate the ward and everyone. For this reason President moved me to the offices faster than he expected because he wants me helping the AP's in that area, teaching them the area and all the people in it. Because we work so closely with them we go on exchanges a lot with them and yesterday I got to go back to my old area, see the big family I baptized, and help the AP's get to know the area. It was so amazing to see everyone again and I will have the opportunity to do that a few more times this change which will be amazing! :)

Lastly, in this mission if you baptize in the week, you are aloud to ask the AP's to leave your area and visit some of the cool sites and things the mission has to offer in other areas. Because we are pretty much best friends with the AP's we just yell across the hall of the house "Hey Elder Noel! We are going to Socalo tomorrow!" and he responds "Okay, sounds good" here in the offices we will get to go to lots of cool cites here in Mexico such as Socalo, some cool castles, the angel of liberty, a famous zoo, and many other places. I am so excited and President usually keeps his secretaries for 6-7 months.

Well I love and miss you all, I hope you are doing!!


Elder Adams 

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