Tuesday, August 12, 2014

9 Month Update

August 9, 2014
Things are going really well here, I am so tired and wiped from the hard crazy week with changes. We got to meet all the new Elders and Sisters and they are HUGE!! hahaha There are 31 new Elders and Sisters and 4 of the new American Elders (of about 10) are taller than I am!! They seem like a good group of missionaries and I am excited to be able to watch their progress here in the offices. I had a good time with all the Elders that stayed in our house who were going home. It was really sad because this time all the people who were going home I knew pretty well and I am going to miss a lot. I got to see Elder Aranda, my last companion. He updated me on how Tecnologico is going and gave me a picture of one of the Sisters we spent a lot of time teaching who got baptized the week after I left (I’ll add the picture). This Wednesday was probably the craziest. We went to bed the night before at about 12 and had to wake up at 2am to take the other Elders to the airport. We got back home at about 5am, which means we got to sleep for another hour and a half until 6:25 I am still recovering from that and I feel so wiped this week, but nevertheless it was a great week. 

This week Elder Christensen and I got a new companion, Elder Rodriguez, but he was only here for about 5-6 days. We had an uneven amount of Elders in the mission, but one Elder went home early so Elder Rodriguez took his spot. We also had a really fun, cool basketball camp. President invited me to help him with the camp for one of the zones we have here in the mission. The Elders in the zone brought 12 investigators and this morning we pretty much just had a small fun basketball camp in the church.

I got the package from the family this week so thank you so much! :) I love hearing from you all and see how you are all doing. By the time Saturday rolls around I always feel the need for a "family recharge" It always feels like time to hear from my family and friends. I love my email time and afterwards I always feel excited and re energized for the week. I hope you are all doing well and I hope everything goes well with Emily moving out to Dixie State. I miss you all and love you tons, hope you have a great week!!!
Elder Adams

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