Sunday, August 17, 2014

Short Note

Something Taylor shared with Mark while they were emailing, that I thought was pretty cool, is that he wrote a program for the President. They needed a computer program to stitch two missionary photos together to make one companionship photo, so he researched how to write a program for it and did it. 

August 16, 2014
Not a whole lot going on this week and sorry for the lack of an update but this one will be fairly short. This week was a lot more relaxed than last week, things well be picking up soon, but for the most part this week was nothing to special. Here in the mission, President has put a huge emphasis on families. He wants us teaching full families and looking for full families to teach rather than just anyone who wants to be baptized. He wants to see family converts who will help each other stay active and enter into the temple in a year to be sealed. This week making sure to follow the advice of President, we found 4 families who are making really good progress that we are really excited about. My companion and I have been working really hard on only teaching people who are "escoido" (chosen). Here in Mexico just about anyone will let you come back and teach them as much as you want but there are a lot of people who will just listen to listen and won’t come to church or make the progress necessary to be baptized. My companion and I fell pretty hard into this last change and spent a lot of time with people who weren't progressing when we could have been looking for more people to teach who will progress. We had a few good meetings with president this week and he asked us to help him think of a replacement for my companion Elder Christensen.

Today was a pretty good P day, we went to the new aquarium in Polanco, which was really, really cool. I’ll upload a few pictures but it was a cool experience. We then went to a favorite restaurant called "La Onda". It is really well known for having amazing Tacos al Pastor and Al hambre. It is a little pricey but my companion and I splurged this Pday and had a really good meal! :) Well I feel like that is all of interesting things that happened this week. I promise I did a lot more than just that, but working here in the offices doesn’t make for really great stories, just cool, amazing, in the moment experiences with President. Well I love you all and hope you all have a great week and can’t wait to hear from you next week!!

Elder Adams

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