Thursday, August 7, 2014

Change Week

August 2, 2014
Well this week is change week, which in the mission is pretty crazy but in the offices it is even crazier! We have been so busy with tons and tons of work to do. Getting visas for all the new Elders and Sisters coming in, helping President with whatever he needs, getting new apartments for the new areas that will be opened, getting furniture and everything the missionaries need in there, and getting all the new debit cards for the new missionaries set up. There are some crazy changes going on in the mission and we are getting 31 new missionaries, which is insane. It has caused a ton of work for us but it has been fun. We haven’t been able to work in the field almost at all this week because we have been stuck in the offices getting everything set up for the new changes. 

Secondly, we went out and worked with one of the coolest members in the whole world yesterday. His name is Hermano Tajeda. He was CMO for City Bank for 30 years and is super, super rich. Right now he is taking a sabbatical to do some of the things he wants to do. He started going to school in Madrid Spain just for fun so every month he goes to Madrid for a week. He also started taking personal voice lessons because he wants to learn how to sing and is taking personal French lessons. (He speaks fluent English because he graduated from BYU and lived in the US for about 6 years.) Yesterday during our divisions I went with him and even though he has a car he has his own personal taxi chuffer. The taxi driver took us wherever we wanted to go and just was with us the whole night and at the end he took us to McDonalds for ice cream and food. He goes to the US all the time and he is just such a cool guy. 

I have come to the conclusion that the best part about the offices is working with President. He is so, so funny, so fun to be around, and is so loving. Just a quick story we were talking with him about a newer missionary who is causing him lots of trouble. This missionary is 26 and believes that all his trainers and companions should be training him better and doing a better job and do this and this and this so on. The Elder is pretty much begging President to go home but President is begging him to stay even though he has been nothing but trouble. Jokingly President was like, "I don't know why I am begging him to stay in the mission, it would be so much easier for me if he just goes home...." he then looked at me and said "Maybe I’ll just put him with Elder Grajeda, then he’ll be sure to go home..." and chuckled. For those who don't remember Elder Grajeda was my second companion here in Mexico and gives almost all of his companions a tough time and even though I grew to love him it was a hard change.

Overall the week has been hectic and stressful but I love change week. Our house for 3 days becomes a party house because it is where all the missionaries who are going home stay before they actually take off. We help President with all the new missionaries and training, training them on how the finances work, doing things for their visas, being the errand boys (dishes, getting Costco pizza, ect) We are at President’s house almost the whole time for the first 3 days of the change and it is a lot of fun. I am so excited for these changes and meeting all the new missionaries.

Well I love and miss you all, hope you are all doing well and don't forget about me here in Mexico! ;) 


Elder Adams

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