Sunday, August 24, 2014

So Tired

August 23, 2014
Well work in the offices has gotten very heavy (I forgot do they say that in English? Well they do in Spanish so I'm going to say it anyways.) Brother and Sister Tobler came this week and I love working with them so much! They remind me of my grandparents on both sides of the family and it is so much fun working with them. We have been helping them get situated here in the offices and to be honest I’m not really sure why, but we have been leaving the offices late every night. We usually leave to walk home around 11, after eating a snack before bed and hanging out a little with the APs I’m usually in bed by 12, which before the mission was really good for me, but now that I have to wake up at 6:25 it’s really killing me. Some days I just feel super sleep deprived and there is really no other time to sleep for use except P-day, which we like to spend doing some thing fun. I’ve be able to work more on the coding projects and I really love doing that, it is a lot of fun and the time seems to fly when I’m coding. It makes me really excited to get back and study more. We still don’t really have any investigators who are progressing well, which makes my emails semi-boring, but I will try and fill up the email with other things that are going on here in Mexico.

First, this week as we were out working at night on Wednesday it started to hail... but not any ordinary hail this hail was coming down harder than ever and was the size of marbles... Luckily we had umbrellas to protect us and the hail that hit our legs still hurt really bad. Also I got a few holes in my umbrella but it was a funny experience. When the hail finally stopped the streets looked like they had about 2-3 inches of snow, which later melted and flooded the street. 

Secondly, this week President had interviews with everyone in the mission and I really liked the theme he chose to talk about in the interviews. We have been focused on teaching people with the end in mind, how we want families who will enter the temple and what we need to do to help them get there. During the interviews he put a twist on what we have been focusing on to apply it in our own lives. He talked about who I wanted to be at the end of my mission, and now that I have the end in mind what am I going to do right now to achieve that goal by the time November 2015 rolls around. That was something that I really liked and something that I put into practice this week during my personal studies. I have made 8 goals of who I want to be or become by the end of my mission and a few things I am going to do each week to help me achieve those goals. 

I love and miss you all, I hope you all are having fun as you start up school again and make sure to work hard. I hope you are all doing well and I love hearing from you every week. Thanks for all you do to support me and I really do love you all so much! Have a great week!


Elder Adams

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