Sunday, October 12, 2014

11 Months

October 11, 2014
Wow the time here in Mexico seems to speed up... we just had our mid change training for all of the new missionaries and I feel like we just finished the last training yesterday when it was 6 weeks ago.... I can’t believe how fast time is flying before I know it I’m going to hit the halfway point which seems surreal... Well enough of that, this week was really, really good. A few highlights that I wanted to touch on include our upcoming baptisms, a few investigators, seeing grandma and grandpa Adams, and the highlights from conference.
1. Tomorrow we are going to baptize Sara. Sara was the wife of Francisco that backed out at the last minute, I am hoping that Francisco is getting the Priesthood this Sunday and will be able to baptize her. That would be so awesome! I am so excited for Sara for finally coming to realize that this is the right decision and tomorrow will be an awesome day. 
2. We have a family who was progressing really well but didn't want to get baptized, they felt comfortable in their other church and even though they were reading the Book of Mormon and thought it was true they still didn't want to leave their Christian church. They came with us to the conference Sunday morning and the mom (Ofelia) LOVED the conference, she took about 4 pages of notes and it was so amazing to see that all of the talks in the only session they went to were focused exactly on their needs. She told us the next day the she knows it’s true and that means she has to get baptized. They are going to get baptized next week and they are such an awesome family and a family I love so much! It was such a miracle to see the impact the conference can have on people.
3. Last night I was given permission to go visit grandma and grandpa Adams who are here in Mexico City and had asked President if they could take us out to Dinner. It was an awesome night and I loved seeing them so much and they seem to be doing really well. They have all the pictures of us from last night so you will have to ask them for the pictures but it was a cool experience. Yesterday in the morning President told my companion and I that we couldn't tell ANYONE in the mission that he gave me permission to do that because he has said no to people before and will probably continue saying no, and the only reason he said yes was because I am in his offices and that he loves me... haha, just another perk of the offices. 
4. Lastly this conference was amazing, if you didn't get the chance to watch it I would encourage you all to watch it, it is amazing. Also on YouTube they have something new (new or maybe I was just ignorant before and had no idea that it existed). The new thing is called "General Conference Highlights" They have a channel that goes through the whole conference but with just 1-2 minute clips of every talk. I thought this was so cool because it is such an amazing way to share the conference on twitter, or Facebook. We can post our favorite talks from the conference and have lots of people watch it because it is only about 1 - 2 minutes rather than 20. I would encourage everyone to watch the conference and to try posting your favorite conference highlight to help spread the gospel in an easy way.

Well this week was overall a great week, really busy with lots of things to do but we are still having lots of success, I will send you the pictures of our baptisms and cant wait to hear from you all next week!!


Elder Adams

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