Monday, November 24, 2014

Mexico Conference (11/17/14)

November 17, 2014
This week went by really fast, I feel like it was a little boring but we found a lot of good new investigators, 3 who went to church for the first time this weekend. Speaking of church this weekend all the stakes in Mexico City had a special stake conference with a broadcast transmission from Salt Lake City, Elder Andersen spoke as well as Sister Linda Reves (In super gringo Spanish) and then Elder Johnson and Elder DeHoyos spoke also. The conference was really, really good. The best part that I loved was Elder Johnson's talk about reading the book of Mormon as a family. He started to talk about the story of the serpentine totem and Moses. All the people had to do was look up at the snake and they would be healed and saved, but it was too easy and they didn’t do it and died. He talked about how we all think they are idiots because it would have been so easy, but today we do the exact same thing. The prophets and told us the daily family scripture study is the way to mend wounds and venomous bites that attack the family. It is so easy to read the scriptures as a family everyday but a lot of us die spiritually because we don't complete the simple task. He also said it is ALWAYS possible to read the scriptures as a family everyday, for some it is more difficult but we need to find a time where we would always be able to do it, and said "For someone who has desire, there is a solution. But for someone without a desire, there is always an excuse". I loved the talk so much because it is so true. The biggest difference between the spirituality of a missionary and someone normal is we start our morning with 2 and a half hours of studies. It is so easy to resist temptation when we use the God given remedy, but some of us think it’s to easy and would rather do something else. 

To be honest that is really the only thing that happened this week, today will be lots of fun, we are going to be with the zone leaders all day, going to play 2 on 2 basketball, going out to eat and having a good time. Thanks for all your support, I love you all and hope you have a great week!!


Elder Adams

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