Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Replacement (11/24/14)

November 24, 2014
Wow, well this week my replacement came into the offices, he is super awesome and his name is Elder Goodrich, from Lindon, UT. I will be training him for the next few weeks and we are going to have a blast together. After 2 weeks (on the 8th of Dec.) I will be headed out to the field, I am really excited to go back out. This week was a little crazy and we didnt get very much sleep but here are a few things that happened. 

1. I cut my companions hair, Lexie... It wasn't that hard ;) hahaha It actually turned out really well and he is going to cut my hair this week... hahaha It was a funny cool experience and I would consider my self a professional now ;)

2. We had to go to the airport 4 times this week!!! We took 3 people home who wanted to go home and we had to go once to cancel the visa of one of those 3. One of the times we took someone this week they had riots all around the airport and so many people were trying to get in and close down the airport... We saw about a total of 500 police officers with guns, masks, riot shields ext.. It was pretty crazy to see. Another time we had to take someone to the airport at 3 in the morning, but we didn’t go to bed till 2... how stupid. We woke up took him to the airport, came back and slept for one more hour before we had to go to work, I have been super tired and for sure today we are going to be taking some naps!

3. The other night we had a shooting about 30 yards from our apartment! There is an empty apartment behind our apartment separated by a small stream. My companion and I were planning in the kitchen when we saw some flashes outside with some loud noises that sounded like gunshots. We hit the floor but weren't sure if they were gun shots, so we went to the window army crawling and when we peaked our heads out we saw it again with super loud gun shots. We ran upstairs and starting peaking out a different window and saw a few guys with flash lights shinning them down into the stream and every once and again they would fire down there with their pistols, we watched them for a good 20 minutes and then the Police showed up and they scattered everywhere.

Well that is pretty much all that happened this week, just a lot of trips to the airport, a few crazy riots and shootings here in Mexico as well as getting my new companion. Love you all tons and hope you have a great week!!


Elder Adams

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