Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 15th

December 15, 2014
Life has gotten crazy here, it is super weird being back out in the field because I felt like I lived in a bubble for 6 months and so I kinda put my guard down, I got back out here and started getting anxiety attacks but its a lot different this time, I don’t miss the family as much, and with my stronger testimony I feel like they are easier to overcome, working hard takes away any kind of anxiety but unfortunately the stress, no. If my zone doesn’t have good numbers I get ripped into by the APs.... haha always have to be on my toes. I love working with all the members of my zone, I feel like I am never in my area because I am always out helping other areas. Its especially hard being a zone leader at this time because I have to help teach all the young missionaries in the zone and over half my zone have 6 months or less... The holiday seasons are coming up and we have lots of things planned, but my companion and I have to try and keep everyone focused because it is easy to lose track of everything. Tomorrow we have a huge mission conference with all of the 5 zones in the city and the next day the five zones in the pueblos will have their conference. We are going to hear from President, have lots of fun, see a talent show, watch meet the Mormons, and eat a ton of food. The 24th we will have a zone activity where as a zone we will be able to watch frozen, play basketball, soccer, hang out and also have a white elephant gift exchange. My companion and I are in charge of putting that all together. On Christmas day we will call our families (more or less around 11 my time so 10 your time). That time isn’t exact but I should be able to call you like I did last time and give you an exact time more or less. Then the 31st we will have another zone activity pretty much the same as the first but with a different Disney movie still to be determined. So we have a lot of fun ahead of us.

The field is going really well, I like teaching all day and I am going to love having more lives to change but as for right now we have lots of potential with the people we are teaching but only one that is progressing really, really well. His name is Antonio. I love seeing his progress because he is someone that a lot of people would judge at first sight, but has such a tender heart and wants to follow God. He completes all of his homework assignments and was a reference from a friend. He went to church for the 2nd time yesterday. I really love the ward, because even though he has gages, tons of tattoos and just has a little bit of a thug look everyone loves him and he has tons of friends. He has a baptismal date for the 28th of this month.

Even though the field is going well I really miss the offices. I miss my companion Elder Bastian, I miss the Toblers, I miss my computer ;) and I miss most of all working so closely with the APs and President. Life was like paradise there and now its nothing but hard hard hard work.

Well I love you all, hope you all have a great week! Happy Birthday Mom, Happy Early Birthday Grandma Call, and send Bryn my congrats!!

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