Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stressful Week (August 30, 2014)

August 30, 2014
Wow this has been a stressful week... Everything that could go wrong this week did go wrong but, after a lot of panicking and stressful nights, yesterday everything unfolded well. Due to all the things that happened this week we have had only one day to go and work out in the field but that one day we were blessed with a lot of success.

First off the stress, I was so stressed out this week. To start the week off the bank blocked the mission card that I use. Apparently we need to zero out the mission cards once a year (I had no idea) and because we hadn't zeroed out the mission card they blocked mine, told me to fix it and they would unblock it and then also told me that I needed to do the same with President’s card or this next week they would block his also. Of course this happened the week that President has been out doing interviews with all the far away zones (Atlacomulco, Zitacuaro, Toluca, and Metepec) He has been staying in a hotel with his card and all the cash he should have from the mission card, which means I wasn't able to do anything until he came back last night. Secondly we have had a TON of sick missionaries who have needed money and other such things. One of these missionaries was new and her medical card was still here in the offices. This meant that my companion and I had to take her medical card out to her in Metepec (it was a 6-7 hour round trip due to traffic) and took away a lot of time we need to be working on things here in the offices. Lastly, this week was the week to send all of the spending money, transportation money, rent money, and reimbursement money to all of the missionaries. After I send the money to all of the missionaries President has to approve it and once he approves it the money is sent to the card within 2-3 business days. The money is supposed to be in every missionaries card by Friday, but due to President being so busy he wasn't able to approve them till 11pm Wednesday Night. During all of this mayhem my companion and I were asked to each give a 25 min talk this Sunday in the English ward that I have been working on. Luckily all turned out well, I am almost done with my talk, all the money went through yesterday, After a long night yesterday I got everything figured out with my mission card and President’s mission card and everything is starting to calm down.

The one day we did have time to leave we were able to find 6 new investigators and commit 7 people to come to church. We are hoping and praying that everything turns out well this Sunday and that we start having some success again. My companion will be having his birthday tomorrow and President has told him that he is going to be going back into the field this next change after training his replacement. 

Well I know this was yet again another boring letter, we didn’t do anything but relax today for P-day and the rest of the time was either spent here in the offices crunching numbers or sleeping on a super long bus ride... haha but I can now say that I understand the saying, "It was a late night in the office". Have a great week! I love and miss you all! 


Elder Adams

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