Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Crazy Week

Just a quick update from this week:
Well the week has been super super super stressful without any sleep but was overall really good also. This week was the week of changes and my companion and I are lacking tons of sleep. Monday we had to take a missionary to the airport at 2:30 in the morning, the people who were going home kept us up talking for 3 days and today my companion and I passed out for 4 hours... I was so tired and we are beat from a heavy burdened week but it was overall really really good. The highlight of the week was when I went with a member over to the sisters area to help them out and we put someone on date for THIS SUNDAY!!! We went to an old investigator last night (Friday) and everything fell into place to put her on date for this Sunday, which means I have my first baptismal interview tonight... A little scared but I think everything will turn out alright. This past week we baptized Francisco but his wife Sara has some problems with her family that she wants to clear up before she gets baptized, so we are being patient with her and helping her along the way. The new goal is to have her be baptized within the next few weeks but to be baptized by her husband, Francisco! This best part about the story of Brenda (This Sisters investigator) was that this whole week the Sisters have been working really really really hard, the are both American and Farley new in the mission and so are having a little hard time doing EVERYTHING there-selves, but this hasn't stopped them from working hard. They have been working really really hard this whole week without a whole lot of success and every night I tell them when they call and give me their report that something good was going to come about from their hard work. One night I shared with them a scripture in D&C 82:10 which says "I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise". It was so cool to see that great promise come to pass. They went up and above this week without much success, but because they persevered they were blessed last night with that huge miracle and assuming all goes well tonight she will be getting baptized tomorrow. 
Just a few things, mom you asked me if I needed or wanted anything in my next package and if you haven't already sent it I would like some Nike Elite socks, majority black of course, because they are the only socks I have that haven't gotten wholes in them, even my nike drifits got holes, but my three elite socks are still going string and are super comfortable.
Lastly, something that I remembered this week that I thought was super funny was that all of the Latinos here love listening to Elder Holland talks and always quote him. It is so funny because they dont know any English but they can quote almost a whole talk from Elder Holland... haha it is really funny. Well, I love and miss you all, I hope you have a great week and have fun!!

Elder Adams!!

PS here is a picture from Franciscos baptism 

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