Saturday, September 6, 2014

Great Week (9/6/14

September 6, 2014
Hey everyone! This week has been really great. I have had such a wonderful week here in the offices as well as out in the field. First thing first, this week I got a new companion. He is being trained by my other companion until next week to be the new secretary to President. He is so awesome and I can tell we are going to get along really, really well. He is from Sacramento California and is 19. He went to one year of BYU before he left on his mission and is doesn’t have a whole lot of time in the mission. He has only been out for 2 1/2 months, but he knew a good amount of Spanish before the mission because he lived in Spain for 6 months. He is the third of 8 and so far everyone in his family has served a mission. (His mom and dad both served in Spain but different missions, His brother in Nicaragua, and his other brother in Argentina). He played high school basketball and loves a lot of the things that I love. We have been working really hard and well together and I am really excited for this next change with him (and probably one more after that). 

Today for P day we went back to the zoo and had a lot of fun, we had a huge lunch in Chapultepec Park and had a lot of fun. Elder Bastian and I order Cubanas which are HUGE sandwiches stuffed with any kind of meat you can think of (Steak, hotdog, hamburger, ham, chicken, egg, avocado and lettuce) It was really good but we didn't finish the whole thing.... haha (p.s. I’ll post a few pictures from the zoo). 

The changes will be coming up this next week, which means that we are going to have a lot of work. Changes are always fun and this week is going to fly by. The week after that we will be even more busy helping with all of the new missionaries who are going to be coming in. 

We have finally starting to have some success out in the field. We brought 9 people to church this past week for the first time: a family of 6 and a family of 3. The family of 6 are going along really well, they are really religious and like to go around to the other churches but told us they usually don't like the churches they go to because there is a lot of preaching and they don't feel "at home" but they loved church this past Sunday and want to keep going. The other family that we brought to church are even better. They are a couple with a 7 year old girl. They used to be really catholic until they had a little child who died. They stopped going to church because the Catholic church believes that he is in hell right now and they cant believe that. We taught her about the plan of salvation and have had a few other lessons. They have a date to be baptized the 14 of September. Last night we did divisions and I went over to teach them with a member, we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and a little about the temple, after I explained the temple and bore my testimony about how I know I will live with my family forever again and that she could too, she started crying. She said that all she wants is to see her son again, she of course wants to live with her other children but because he died so young she wants to see him again and said she is willing to do anything to do that. I love that family so much and we have really been blessed by working so hard lately. I love you all and miss you even more, I hope everything is going well and I love to hear from you all!!


Elder Adams

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