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The Sweet Taste of Success (3/16/15)

March 16, 2015
Before I jump into all the great things that are happening in our area and all the success and miracles we are finding I just want to tell you guys, I love getting my shoes shinned..... ha ha there is a place in our zone where we meet up with other missionaries to do switches and for a dollar there is a guy who shines shoes SO well, Ill be sure to add a picture.

Ok, to get back on track this week, especially yesterday, was really great. My companion and I have been finding miracles like crazy while working our butts off. First off, last week we met someone named Fernando. He came to church by himself with his whole family. He was up in Huston for a little while for work and actually found the missionaries, he has gone a few times to church up there and loves it. He wants to be baptized but wanted to bring his family to church first. They have now gone 2 weeks in a row and the wife has lots of doubts and questions, but they are progressing really well. Secondly, we found a guy yesterday named Brian, who showed up to church for the first time. He had been talking with Sister missionaries over the phone and skype for the last month and they told him he should go to church, SO HE WENT! We have an appointment with him this Wednesday but we are really excited! 

This week we also had 2 baptisms. The first one was Laura.... again. Funny story…Laura was baptized by her husband about 2-3 weeks ago. Her husband had the priesthood to do it, but it never got put in the church system. He spent a while trying to get the letter he needed to validate his priesthood but he couldn’t find 2 witnesses, just the person who ordained him. After having an interview with the bishop he actually has to wait a little bit to receive the priesthood again. So I had the opportunity to baptize Laura so they can enter into the temple a year from now. I also had the chance to baptize Brenda; she is an 11-year-old daughter of a less active member that we found from one of our recent converts. Gabriel just got baptized about a month and a half ago and talked about his Sister being a member of the church also. He gave us the reference and we found her and her daughter. Brenda is really awesome and loves the church. She has lots of friends, loves the primary and is going to be a great anchor for her mom.

Lastly my companion and I found a family of four (mom, dad, 11 year old daughter and 10 year old son) who went to church for the first time yesterday and are AMAZING!!! I love this family so much and it was another miracle the way we found them. We were actually looking for someone else that we had met in the street and knocked the door that we thought was hers. A man came out speaking English and we soon found out that he was a Jehovah Witness. He was really nice and let us in for a glass of water and shared to us about how he lived in the US for a few years and learned English that way. We were talking with him and were just about ready to go, because as nice as he was he didn’t want to listen to what we had to say, when all of the sudden two kids run out of no where screaming, "look dad, they are like us" but in Spanish. Carla and Edward are the children of Eduardo (brother of the Jehovah witness we were talking too). We started talking with Eduardo and he actually lived in the US for a while (illegally) but his two kids were actually born there, and even though they don’t know English they consider themselves US citizens (because they are technically). We ended up visiting Eduardo and his family later that week and they are AMAZING!! Eduardo ended up saying to us "Good thing you never found that other girl you were looking for, because if you had, you probably never would have been able to share this message with us". The family has a baptismal date for the 12 of April and loved thier first time in church yesterday. Eduardo is sure that he has already found his answer to if the church is true or not because of all the great things that have been happening to him. HE applied the teachings he heard yesterday in church and said that he had one of the most peaceful afternoons with his family, and an afternoon without contention, something he hasn’t had in a long time. He also recently lost his job and was really excited to hear about the self-reliance classes the church was offering and actually went to the first class last night. HIs whole family is great and my companion and I love them so much!!

Well I love you all and I hope you all have a great week like the one my companion and I just had. Here are a few pictures from the week:

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