Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Twenty two years and a short email (3/30/15)

Well I turned 22 so as a result I have TONS of emails that I am responding to, which means this email will be really short. Just wanted to send somewhat of an update. First thing, a year ago Elder Herd and I baptized the Mondragon Family. I love them so much and I love hearing that they are preparing to go into the temple. Second, this week I got 3 cakes and some presents from the ward. I love the ward here, the recent converents and all the people we are teaching right now. Lastly my companion and I have 4 baptismal dates for this sunday. They are all families that I love so much that I will talk more about next week but I just wanted to talk about the happiness that comes from teaching families, all my best, and favorite converts are families that I have taught and I LOVE helping full families come to find the same happiness I have found in the gospel. Here are some photos, I can't see them so I hope they are the right ones, if not SORRY!!!


Elder Adams

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