Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015
Well this week was a pretty crazy week.... Lets start off with the bad and work our way to the good. First off this week my companion was CRAZY sick. He had a surgery when he was 14 and they took out all but 5 cm of his Large Intestine. As you may have read from the other Elder Adams (Harrison) the food here in Mexico is REALLY spicy, full of fat, and in other words the worst thing that my companion could be eating. He has gotten sick before but never like this. He was throwing up all over the place and we had to call the doctor.... again (he has gone to the doctor multiple times) and this time the doctor told us he would call us right back but never did.... We later found out that that was because he called President and Sister Whitehead directly and told them that he shouldn’t be serving here in Mexico because ALL the food was going to make him sick. President Whitehead sent some letters to Salt Lake and they responded back saying that he needs to go serve in his own country (Costa Rica). I now have a new companion and I love him. His name is Elder Medina and he is from Puebla. He was companions with Elder Adams (the other one) and they were APs together. President wants our area to keep growing so he put him here for my last 3 weeks so I could teach him the area and so he could keep baptizing. Before getting to my area in the last 6 months the sisters had only baptized 1 person. My companions and I, even though it is a hard area, have been able to find success. My companions and I have baptized 4 people here in this area, and we have 8 baptismal dates for the next 2 weeks, and President wants that growth to keep coming because it is an area that has almost never heard of the gospel.

This week I also got pretty sick (specifically last night), but what do you expect to happen when your converts sign up for the food and give you Pig foot..... hahaha I spent the whole night last night with the two headed dragon.... For those who don’t know what that is, look it up cause I’m not gonna tell you ;) With my companion being sick I got to work with Elder Mason (a good buddy of mine and the AP) wow it’s so nice to teach with someone who also has technique and knows how to teach well. That has been my biggest difficulty training, having to do everything myself, correcting my companions. I always give my companions time to speak in lessons and I always want them to be growing, but with that they took the lessons EVERYWHERE and we didn’t progress with a lot of investigators that could have been progressing. So with Elder Mason in just a few days we got TONS of work done. We put lots of fechas, found miracles, and really helped me a ton get the area rolling. We helped two wonderful sisters get baptized this week (I’ll tell you about them later) and we put 6 baptismal dates for this week and my companion and I already had 2 for the next week. The area is growing a ton and we are finally finding success.

Lastly, to tell you a little about this family that we baptized this week: They are wonderful, their names are Pilar and Felix. It is a Mom and her daughter. Both have kids, and both of their husbands have left them. They are the most humble people I have ever taught. They really have NOTHING but their faith, and they have more than enough faith to go around. Felix is the oldest person I have ever baptized in my mission (she is almost 70) and I love this family so much.

I love you all and hope you all have a great week, please write me this week if there is anything you need, or need to know, because I only have 2 p days left.

With lots of love,

Elder Adams

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