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October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015
Well this week was a very disappointing week, and an amazing week filled with TONS of inspiration!! My companion and I worked really hard this week, saw tons of miracles and had a lot of people committed to come to church, 18 to be exact. But 12 people ended up not coming and we only had 6 people at church this weekend... But the weekend was amazing!!! What an incredible opportunity to hear that the Lord has called 3 new apostles! I am so excited to have Elder Rasband, Elder Stevens, and Elder Runlend to guide us. Their testimonies were incredible as well as the rest of the conference. I found talks that I think each one of us can apply in our lives:

First, starting with me, I went with the question of how I can stay on the straight and narrow path after the mission, although there were many talks that in part answered that question, such as Elder Robert D Hales, Elder Holland, Elder Andersen and Elder Durant. I feel like Elder Quinton L Cook took my question and made a talk out of it. It hit me so hard with exactly what I need to do after the mission and that is one talk I want to apply arriving at home.

DAD - Well this talk I feel like can be applied by the whole family, but I feel like its something you would like to do, and something you could be greatly benefited by. It was the talk by Elder Devin Durant in the Sunday Afternoon session I believe. He talked about something called ponderization. It is a really cool idea and its something I will be applying also, give it a shot and if you haven’t listened to the talk listen to it.

MOM - There were two talks that made me think about you, the first was the talk by Elder Russel M Nelson Sunday morning, I imagine you saw it but I thought of you immediately, you are already this type of person but I imagine that there are still things you can take out of the talk. Secondly the talk by Elder Holland in the 2nd session of Saturday Afternoon. This talk describes exactly how I feel about you, I love you mom, and I hope you can listen to the talk and think about me, especially when he talks about the Mexico City Temple rededication because I was there and I actually know Sister Pyper and her daughter (the attend the English ward I served in while in the offices, they are such sweet people).

LEXIE - Lexie, one of the talks that I loved was by Elder Robert D Hales. Its a talk that was meant for all young adults, so I will be applying it also. Listen to the talk, and Im not trying to tell you to get married immediately.... but all the advice that he gave is inspired by god, especially the line that says "You can start preparing today, by being worth of the type of person you want to marry", I suggest that you start thinking about the type of person you want to have in your life and be worthy of that person.

EMILY - Well I already gave you tons of talks to read in your personal email but I would re-watch the talk from Elder Russell M Nelson. I know you saw it because you said it was one of your favorites but watch it over, and over and over again, to really dissect it, and dissect the things you can take out of it. 

JOSH - WATCH THE WHOLE PRIESTHOOD SESSION, but in particular Elder Iryings talk in that session. He talks about the importance of every priesthood ordinance, and every priesthood function. I remember about 6 years ago when I was a priest also, and I didn’t understand or comprehend the magnitude of that calling, or of holding the priesthood of god, watch it, and then watch it again. Make sure it sinks in, and really imagine what it means to be a priest of God.

I love you all, and I hope you all have a great week. I will be working as hard as I can for the next 5 weeks so I expect you all to do the same, help a neighbor, help a family member, do a good act this week and remember that Ill be doing it too. I love you all and hope you are all doing well.


Elder Adams

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