Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015
Well this week was really frustrating.... We had 6 baptismal dates and 4 of them fell, one moved to this Sunday, and the other 3 just straight up fell. We were going to baptize a family of 5, a family that I love a lot, but the kids backed out at the last minute and no matter what we did or taught they didn’t want to be baptized.... So this week we baptized the parents, Nicolas and Norma who are incredible and I will share a little bit more about them later in the letter.

My companion and I this week had a really rough week as far as success goes. We had 11 people committed to come to church and not a single person came... We had our baptismal dates fall and honestly if we wouldn’t have baptized a great couple it would have been one of the worst weeks of my mission.

I’m still working hard and giving it all I can while I have the chance, but honestly my mind has been really distracted. I find myself thinking about home, thinking about how I only have 2 weeks left, about things after the mission, especially at night and in the morning, and in buses. One thing that I am pretty stoked about is that the Young Adults are going to have a dance here in the stake and when they found out I was coming back they planned the dance for the weekend that I will be here, so that will be pretty cool to be able to go to that dance while Im here.

Lastly to end on a good note, Id like to tell you all about Nicolas and Norma. They have been investigators for a while now and there was a point when we almost left them because they weren’t progressing, but while praying about an answer if we should leave them or not, the member that has come with us to all the lessons and loves this family had a dream that they got baptized. We took that as a sign that we should keep teaching them. About a month and a half ago Norma and Nicolas started having serious problems, Norma almost left Nicolas and that’s when he really started to change, and took the initiative in his family to follow us when before only Norma was completing with her commitments. We helped them and worked with them a lot to overcome difficulties and they were really excited for their baptism yesterday (Ill load photos if I can, but if I cant find a way to load my photos Ill send them next week). Oh also talking about that baptism after 24 months, and about 30 baptismal services where I have baptized I pulled the idiot move and forgot to take my camera out of my pocket before baptizing..... I baptized my camera with Norma and my camera is dead, but luckily the memory is okay. A member lent me his camera for my last 2 weeks so I could take photos but what idiot move..... Soy bien campeón... y bien burro.... jajaja

Well love you all and hope you a have a great week! Cant wait to see you in two weeks!!

Elder Adams 

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