Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Crazy Drunk people (6/15/15)

June 15, 2015
Well this week was a little crazy, just to get it out of the way the crazy story of the week when a drunk guy got in my face trying to call me out and almost hit me... Well my companion and I were contacting a family in the street and as we were contacting the dad some drunk guy walked by trying to talk to me in English, and like most Mexican English I didn’t understand a word he said.... He passed by and we continued contacting the family but he came back about a minute later and started talking to me, interrupting our conversation and calling me a million different swear words asked me why I was here in Mexico. After smelling the strong smell of alcohol on his breath, and getting a little mad at what he was saying to me and the way he was saying it I responded "I’m here to help people leave their drinking problems".... He didn’t like that to much and got up in my face and started blasting me with questions about the bible, about what I believed and things like that. I answered all his questions and bore my testimony. He was pretty bugged (I’m not sure why) when I said that I know that what I share is true. He asked me how I could know that what I share was true? Then he made his hand into a fake gun, but his two fingers up to my forehead and asked:  "what happens if I pull my gun out, put it to your head and BANG, your dead what now idiot!?" Meanwhile this family is just watching this guy lose his cool in my face, they asked him to back off and continue on his way, he went on a rant about "the santa muerte" which is a witch craft they do here in Mexico where they worship death and make convents with the devil. After a while of being in my face, calling me some of the worst things you could ever hear in Spanish, he finally left. 

Second crazy story, at 8 at night we were teaching a lady in one of the more dangerous parts of our area. There was a huge party going on outside about 3 streets over. In the middle of our lesson with this investigator we heard about 12 gun shots and then a ton of screaming and shortly after sirens. We finished up our lesson and left. Passing by the street there were cop cars all over, they were talking to some people, but we didn’t see any dead bodies. The lady that we were talking to accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of June. 

Lastly, This week we got a new ward mission leader and assistant to the ward mission leader. We are working with the APs with a big family that is going to get baptized the 28th also and we made plans to take all of the recent converts, the big family, and any other investigators to the temple and visitors center this Saturday. It is going to be a great experience, a member from the ward is going to pay to rent out a bus and we are all going to go together. Well that was my crazy week, hopefully I will have some great stories to tell you all this week that comes up. I cant believe I have 21 weeks left.... the mission is flying by. I still can’t believe it. I love you all and hope you all have a great week!


Elder Adams

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