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May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015
Hey I just talked to yesterday so I don’t have much to say but I hope you had a great Mothers Days!!! Sorry yesterday was so short and that we didn’t get to talk for very long but I loved seeing you! It was really weird the whole time talking to you guys I didn’t miss you very much because for me in my mind Im on the home stretch, I feel like tomorrow I’m going to see you in the airport... 6 months here in the mission is nothing and its like running a marathon on a track. At the start you think it will never end and that its so far away, but now that I’m starting the last lap (literally the last 1/4 of my mission) I can see the finish line and even though I still have a ways to go it seems so close. I miss you guys a lot more today and last night after talking with you and wish I would have had more time.

But the Olvera Family loves you guys. Karla Isabella was fascinated talking with you guys and loved it. Yesterday while my companion was talking with his family I sat down and had a long talk with Eduardo and it was so great, to hear how grateful they are for the service we have given to their family. He told me he was so grateful for us and for the gospel that we brought him. His family was on the fringes before we came, he couldn’t stand his wife and they would fight everyday. The kids would fight all the time and nothing seemed to go well in his family, but now everything has changed their is a completely different spirit in their house. A spirit of love and unity and they are so excited to go to the temple and be sealed together for time and all eternity. Eduardo is preparing his family history work and told me that in July when he is going to do baptisms for the dead he wants to just be in the temple the whole day. His daughter will be 12 by then and so she is going to go along with him and is actually going to girls camp this summer. Eduardo told us he thought of us as new members of his family. His kids think of us as older brothers and they love having us over at the house. We have formed such a bond between us and this family and I cant wait for you guys to meet them in person, they are so special to me and I love them so much.

I was thinking about it the other day and the mission has the saddest moments that life has to offer but it also has the happiest moments that is has to offer too. For example these families that I have come to know and love so much. Even though a part of me is really excited to be at home again and being on the finally stretch I’ve started to think about the great things that home has to offer, and know that I am going to miss the mission so much. It has changed me, the way I think and the person I am. I love the mission with all my heart, I love all the friends that I have made here in the mission through my companions and Elders in my zones, I love President Whitehead, and above all I love the people that I have grown to love with all my heart. Just thinking about the Mondragon Family, the other Mondragon Family, the Rigabar Family, the Cuevas Family, and the Olvera family, brings me a happiness and joy that I can’t describe. I love you all so much, I hope all my aunts and grandmas and friends moms had a great mothers day. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Adams

PS Here are some photos from this week:

1. This was the whole leadership training group we had (all the zone leaders and sister training leaders)
2. Here is the Happy Mothers day photo from the Relief Society.
3. Edward put in my backpack and my name tag, he’s all ready to be a missionary.

4. When the computer froze I got a great pic of our Skype chat, look how happy we all look.

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