Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 5th

May 5, 2015
Well this week was a pretty good week, we got blessed with a huge miracle for sure. We went to visit a recent convert who still lives with his parents who are older and even though they have come to church with him they never wanted to get baptized. When we went to visit the recent convert out of no where the dad said.... well i wanna get baptized this week. Gustavo the recent convert got to baptize him the Sunday and it was a great experience. 

This month I also complete 18 months.... I cant believe it.... it is going by so fast, I never thought I would say that I had 18 months in the mission.... It is so crazy to think about and even crazy that I am about to call you guys for the last time in the whole mission this Sunday.... 

Not a whole lot to share from this week. We had an awesome leadership concilio with President. I love seeing all of the leaders in the mission. In a few weeks we also have a mission tour. We have a zone conference not this coming Monday but the next Monday and a leadership training with him that Thursday. Elder Nash is the Elder coming to our mission and going to give us our conference and leadership training which will be such a cool experience. Well sorry this letter was kinda boring but that’s all that has been going on here in the mission, I will send you some photos from this week, but I love you all and cant wait to talk Sunday!! (Sunday at 12 my time is what I left off on with dad but I will contact you guys if that doesn’t work). Love you!!

Elder Adams

1. Here is the baptism that I told you about in the letter, Ramon was baptized by Gustavo.
2. Here is the concilio photo from our generation, all the Elders that go home with me, and one who was in the MTC with us but went home and came back.
3. Elder Hadley (my best friend in the mission) and I.

4. Our zone this change, we just had our zone meeting.

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